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What message does the US
flag give to people all over the
signifies people dedicated
to liberty, justice and
What procedure must be
followed in raising and lower-
ing at half staff?
one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff
National Ensign
flag flown at stern of a ship
How does heraldry influence
the placing and handling
of the American flag?
displayed at all ceremonies
holidays, polling stations,
and whenever decided by
National Flag
symbolizes Nation
Union Jack
flag consisting
entirely of a union
What do personnel in full
uniform do during Pledge
and National Anthem?
must salute if outdoors, not if indoors
What do the colors of the
American Flag
Red- hardiness and labor
White- purity, innocence
Blue- vigilance, justice
Why are ceremonies,
customs, and
courtesies important to
way individuals pay respect
Four types of
Funeral/Special ceremonies
Compostion of a review?
Formation of the unit
Presentations and honors
Inspection and
pass and review
What are customs and
Guides by which we show
the ultimate respect for the
flag of our Nation.
What is a courtesy?
salutes to ships, high ranking individuals and Nations
How is a street parade different from a military review?
there is no inspection required in a street parade
Who organizes and directs street parades?
The Grand Marshall
How does one properly retire the National Flag when it is no longer suitable for display?
burning the flag until only ashes remain
Pledge of Allegience?
I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
In a joint review of the 5 uniformed service, what is the order of MARCH?
Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Gaurd
Half staff?
The position of the flag one half the distance b/w the top and bottom of the staff.
E 1 in Navy
Seaman Recruit
E 2 in Navy
Seaman Apprentice
E 3 in Navy
E 4 in Navy
E 5 in Navy
E 6 in Navy
E 7 in Navy
E 8 in Navy
Senior CPO
E 9 in Navy
Master CPO and Master CPO of the Navy
E 1 in Marine Corps
E 2 in Marine Corps
Private First Class
E 3 in Marine Corps
Lance Corporal
E 4 in Marine Corps
E 5 in Marine Corps
E 6 in Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant
E 7 in Marine Corps
Gunnery Sergeant
E 8 in Marine Corps
Master Sergeant and First Sergeant
E 9 in Marine Corps
Sergeant Major and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Master Gunnery Sergeant
O 1 in Navy
O 2 in Navy
O 3 in Navy
O 4in Navy
O 5 in Navy
O 6 in Navy
O 7 in Navy
Rear Admiral Lower Half
O 8 in Navy
Rear Admiral Upper Half
O 9 in Navy
Vice Admiral
O 10 in Navy
O 10 Special
Fleet Admiral
Position of attention?
heels together
feet @ 45 degree angle
legs straight, not locked
chest out
arms straight
thumbs along seams of trouser
naturally curled fingers
palm inboard
maintain baring
First aid?
emergency care and treatment of a sick or injured person
3 purposes of first aid?
Save life
Prevent further injury
Minimize/prevent infection
ABC of first Aid?
Consider what when giving first aid?
Safety of casualty and yourself
Casualties should be kept lying down in any circumstance except which?
in danger of being further injured
vomiting or bleeding from mouth
difficulty breathing
How do you carry a casualty?
With head to the rear, be able to see eyes
Basic life support is?
Maintenance of the ABC
How long does a choker have before suffer irreverisbile brain damage?
4 to 6 minutes
Most common cause of obstruction?
Primary first aid for complete airway obstruction who is unconcious?
Abdominal thrust
CPR used when?
when casualty is not breathing or heart has stopped
Three types of bleeding?
Capillary bleeding?
slow blood oozes from wound
Arterial bleeding?
bright red blood spurts from wound, most deadly
Loss of fove to six pints of blood results in what?
2 primary methods to control external bleeding?
Direct pressure and elevation
Most common sign of internal bleeding?
Failure of the heart and blood vessels
What are wounds?
Injuries that break the skin, tissue underneath it, or other body membranes.
First aid for wounds consists of what?
Controlling blood flow
treating shock
preventing infection
Fracture that does not produce a wound is called what?
Closed fracture
When does dislocation occur?
When bone is forced out of its joint
injury to ligaments that support a joint
What does a sprain involve?
sudden dislocation
Classifications of burns?
First Second and third degree
Classifications of burns are according to what?
seriousness of burn
What is rule of nines used for?
rough estimate to help decide treatment of casualty
30% burns are usually what if adequate treament is not received?
Thermal burns?
exposure to hot solids, liquids, gases, or fires
Chemical burns?
exposure to acids, alkalis, or other strong chemicals
Electric burns?
caused by direct contact with electricity
Heat cramps?
muscle pains and spasms that result from loss of water and salt from body
What causes heat exhaustion?
excessive loss of water and salt in body
Heat stroke symptoms?
body temp. of 105 or higher
hot, wet, dry,or red skin
small pupils,
deep&rapid breathing
shallow or absent breathing
If body temperature rises too high what may be permanently damaged?
prolonged exposure to low or rapidly falling temperatures, cold moisture, snow, or ice
damage to skin due to continued exposure to severe cold
Swallowed poisons are dificult to identify why?
there are many different types
Certain varities of fish and shellfish are poisonous and will resultin a poisoning casualty if?
Most common cause of poisoning by inhalation?
Carbon monoxide