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what was the term Nixon used for making the war fought by s. vietnamese
what thing of Nixons called for the withdrawl of 60000 troops
Nixon Doctrine
war expands to cambodia
cambodian incursian
2 colleges where students killed by police/nat guard during anti-war-ness
Kent/Jackson State (massacres)
college that had building bombed by anti-war ness
giant offensive against USA
easter off.
commies in Laos
Pathet Lao
commies in Cambodia
Khmer Rouge
leader of cambodia, anti-mondernness
Pol Pot
resticted pres. ability to send out troops for >90 days
War Powers Act
what nixon did to try and stop the Great Society Progarms
impounded $
transfer of power to states
New Federalism
name supreme c. judges and who replaced who
Warren Burger replaced Earl Warren
in/deflation occuring simultaniously
created 150000 jobs
emergancy employment act
stupid thing Nixon did to try and help inflation
wage/price freeze
founded Ms. Magazine, feminist
Gloria Steinman
hat feminist
Bella Abzug
founder of NOW (nat. org. of women)
Betty Friedan
ship that carried 1st people to the moon
Appollo 11
1st on moon
"one small step for man..."
Neil Armstrong
2nd on moon
Buzz Aldrin
person in ship that landed on moon
Michael Collins
lowered voting age to 18
Amend. 26
Nixon for. policy
be friend w/ China/USSR
limited arms, between USA+USSR
Str. Arms Lmt Treaty
who fought for indep. and created Bangledesh
E. Pakistan
what happened in the olympics
1972-israelis were kidnapped by palistinians, prisoners died
war between Arab countries and Israel...Isr. wins
Yom Kippur War
prime minister of Isr
Golda Meir
cuz of Yom K War the arab nations did what to the USA
oil embargo
who won election of 1972, by how much
Nixon, landslide
which democratic candidate was paralysed, by whom
George Wallace, by Arthur Bremer
who killed a girl in a drunk driving incident, where
Ted Kennedy, in Chappaquiddick (lake)
who ran in 1972 for the democrats
George McGovern
who wanted to run for v.pres. and why couldnt he
Thomas Eagleton, he was depressed (pyschiatic treatment)
demo. v.pres cand.
Sargent Shriver
demo. pres. wannabe candidate 1972...editorial
Ed Muskie, cried
Nixon v.p. resigns
Spiro Agnew, bribes, puts in Ford
org. that did Nixons dirty tricks
where did nixon try and rob the DNC
Nixons chief of staff
Assistant to the pres. (Nixon
campaign director for CREEP...big on h2ogate
what was other job?
John Mitchell
attorney general
reporters that exposed watergate
Woodward, Bernstein
what were the 2 special prosectors and what happened when nixon order the 1st to be fired
Sat. Night Massacre
who was the judge in the watergate trial
replaced spiro agnew
explain Pentagon Papers...who leaked
blah, blah, proved LBJ had lied about vietnam
Daniel Ellsberg
what were the watergate burglars given and promised to make sure they didn't testify
hush $
pres. pardons
what was the incriminating evidence against nixon that he had
Nixon claimed this in order to keep the tapes
executive privilage
what did Ford do after nixon resigned
pardoned him
what did Nixon say about illegal activitie of the pres.
"When the president does it, that means it is not illegal"
Secretary o' State
Henry Kissinger
Secretary o' State
Henry Kissinger