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The Neuron Doctrine
The nervous system is made up of discrete cells called neurons.
Histological Procedures
19th Century scientists discovered ways to process or "fix" brain tissue in spite of Jello-like consistency - formaldehyde hardens tissues & microtome slices the brain to view under microscope.
Nissl stain
class of dyes which selectively color some parts of brain cells - the cell bodies (a.k.a. Nissl bodies)
The microscopic study of tissue structure.
The microscopic study of the nervous system
Golgi stain
soaking brain tissue in a silver chromate solution darkly colors the cell bodies and neurites
Franz Nissl
German neurologist late nineteenth century
Camillo Golgi
Italian histologist
1843 - 1926
Believed neurites are fused together to form a continuous reticulum, or network, similar to the circulatory system.
Santiago Ramon y Cajal
19th Century Spanish histologist and artist; believed neurons communicate by contact, not continuity.
Golgi v. Ramon y Cajal
Shared Nobel Prize in 1906 but remained bitter rivals to the end.
Neuronal Language
"Excitatory" & "Inhibitory"
Plural: somata
Cell body which contains cytosol and organelles.
Plural: perikarya
Cell Body which contains cytosol and organelles.
Salty, potassium-rich solution within soma that is separated from the outside by the neuronal membrane.
Membrane-enclosed structures within the soma.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus