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what is exteroception?
the perception of stimuli entering through skin, including pain, temperature, and touch
what is proprioception?
perception of info regarding movements and position of the body through internal recptors in muscles
what is interoception?
perception of info from deeper aspects of body like internal pain
what are the two types of somatosensory systems?
dorsal column/medial lemniscal system

anterolateral system
what does the DCML system convey info about?
conveys info about touch/vibration from skin and also proprioceptive info from muscles and limbs
what does the anterolateral system convey info about?
what type of receptors convey info about position/shape on body surface?
what do proprioceptors relay?
monitor mechanical forces generated internally in muscles and joints
which system uses nociceptors and thermoreceptors?
what info do nociceptors relay?
what info do thermoreceptors relay?
what is the law of specific nerve energy?
receptors for different specific sensory systems respond to a specific type of stimuli energy or chemical ( although you can still elicit weak responses with other stimuli)
what are the two types of free nerve ending receptors?
nociceptors (pain)

thermoreceptors (temp)
what type of receptors have encapsulated endings?
mechanoreceptors (touch)
which two receptors are found on hairy skin?
merkel's disk (cutaneous)- touch/pressure

ruffini endings (deep)- skin stretch