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cyanotic infant, no murmur
TGA or pulm atresia
hemolysis, elevated liver enzyms, low platelets.
bilious vomiting without abdominal distension. maternal polyhydramnios
duadenal atresia. Down syndrome.
double bubble
duodenal atresia
IUGR from preeclampsia, most common complication in infant
perinatal asphyxia. hylaine membrane disease prevented by stressed environ
most important determinant of neurodevelopmental outcome in premature infant
gestational age.
best imaging for TE fisula
ng tube and plain XR, shows coiling in blind pouch
most common electrolyte consequence of hypoxia
lactic acidosis
bleeding problem, born at home
vit K
preterm, irritable, tremulous, inconsolable, HTN, tachy, periventricular leukomalacia
cocaine exposed infnat
hematologic comlication of IDM
2 day old infant of Diabetic mother, abdominal distension. signs of obstruction
hypoplastic L colon.
cyanosis, single S2, systolic murmur. pulm congestion on XR
total anomlaous pulm venous return
periositis, asx,
early congenital syphillis