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Dissent (V or N)
(Dissension, Sissenter, Dissenting)

- the vote was not unanimous since on person DISSENTED
To object, disagree, or differ
Repudiate (v)

- The tobacco execuive REPUDIATED his former support for the industry
to disown, renounce, or reject

- to dissent is to object about something you have never had before
- to repudiate is to reject do something about something you have had
Harangue (n)
(haranguer, haranguing)

- The politician delivered a boring HARANGE on family values.
a long, noisy, ranting speech- often pompous or scolding

- through the use of words.. verbal!
Chasten (V)

- The harangue did not CHASTEN the audience who continued to misbehave
to punish in order to correct to subdue or restrain from excess

-a harangue does not punish the intent is to chasten you
Malediction (n)

- The MALEDICTIONS uttered during his harangue caused us to repudiate him.
a curse or calling down evil upon someone; evil talk or slander

- directly talking to another person... happens between people
Imprecation (N)
(imprecate, Imprecatory)

- In the odyssey, the Cyclops howls IMPRECATIONS at the man who blinded him.
a curse or plea or prayer for evil or misfortune
Taunt (v)
(taunting, tauntingly)

- The receiver TAUNTED his opponent by shoving the ball in his face.
To mock, ridicule, jeer at, reproach scornfully

- done from person to person or person to living creature
Deride (V)
(derision, derisive, derisively)

- During his harangue he DERIDED the reputation fo his political opponent.
to mock, ridicule, or laugh at with contempt

- someone mocking something that they are doing or wearing not the actually person but something about them
Derogetory (ADJ)
(derogate, derogation, derogatorily)

- He derided him with his DEROGATORY remarks.
belittling, disdainful, or tending to lessen in value
Cull (V)

- We CULLED the bruised apples from the perfect ones.
to separate out as useless; to gather, choose, or collect

- used with recycling