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What is the best-known trade name for ipratropium bromide?
Other brand names include Apovent and Aerovent.
What is the functional class of ipratropium bromide?
Parasympatholytic bronchodilator
Ipratropium does not cross the blood-brain barrier so does not produce systemic anticholinergic effects.
What is the mechanism of action of ipratropium bromide?
Acts directly on the smooth muscle of the bronchial tree by inhibiting interaction of acetylcholine at receptor sites on the bronchial smooth muscle, resulting in bronchodilation.
Ipratropium blocks the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.
What are the listed indications for ipratropium bromide?
- Bronchospasm
- Patients with reversible obstructive airway disease
Ipratropium is also used as a nasal spray to treat rhinitis.
What are the listed contraindications for ipratropium bromide?
Hypersensitivity to ipratropium, atropine, soya lecithin and peanut oil
The warnings about soya lecithin and peanut oil derive from the inclusion of soya lecithin in the MDI preparations of ipratropium. Nebulizer solutions of ipratropium do not contain this agent.
What are the listed precautions for ipratropium bromide?
Use with caution in pregnancy and lactation
Ipratropium can cause urinary retention and, in non-emergency settings, may be avoided in patients with bladder obstructions, BPH, etc.
What are the listed side effects for ipratropium bromide?
- N/V
- Cramps
- Dry mouth
- Blurred vision
- Worsening bronchospasm
- Drying of bronchial secretions
- Cough
- Epistaxis
The inhalation itself can cause a sore throat.
What are the listed interactions for ipratropium bromide?
Combination with beta-adrenergic agonists, as well as theophylline and other xanthine derivatives, increases the dilating effect on the bronchi. This is a desired effect in some combinations like DuoNeb (ipratropum bromide with albuterol).
What is the dosage and route of ipratropium bromide?
0.5mg (500mcg) in 2.5-3mL of NS via nebulizer q6 hours

0.125-0.25mg (125-250mcg) in 2.5-3mL of NS via nebulizer q6 hours
If mixed with albuterol or any other medication, the solution should be used within one hour. Premixed solutions are good until their expiration dates.