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What are the three system elements of Navy Training?
1. preparation to train
2. delivery of training
3. evaluation of training
To establish a course, the functional commander and the training activity must take the
following actions:
1. Identify the manpower, support, and equipment needed to support the training
2. Submit a course description via the functional commander for insertion into the Catalog
of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC)
3. Assign a course identification number (CIN)
What is NITRAS?
NITRAS is a Navywide automated information system designed to manage
and support the Navy training effort. Managers will be able to track students and training
information related to a specific course because of the course unique CIN.
Name two elements of instruction.
Management and Administration
Define Internal Evaluation.
Involves feedback on the course of instruction on a regularly scheduled
basis. This information is used to make improvements to training.
What are some exaples of Internal Evaluation?
1. Reviews of safety, the course, and attrition or setback percentages
2. Testing Programs, including test-item analysis
3. Evaluation of instructors in both classroom and laboratory settings
4. Critiques of course and instructors by the students
Define External Evaluation?
Involves the gathering of feedback by individuals or groups of individuals
outside the course. Although this information is normally not gathered as frequently as the
internal feedback data, it is also used to make improvements to the training.
What are the three trait categories?
Training should accomplish what three things?
Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes
Produce changes in behavior
Attain specific objectives
What are the two types of ability?
Name the Rules of Conduct.
1. If you do not know an answer, admit it.
2. Keep your remarks professional and appropriate to the classroom.
3. Be patient.
4. Maintain rapport with students.
5. Treat students with respect.
Name the things that can affect a students learning.
1. Peers
2. Chain of command
3. Instructor
4. Demands of training
5. Outside influence
Name a few of the requirements for teaching classified data.
1. Never discuss any classified material not in the approved curriculum.
2. Never present or discuss information that carries a higher security classification than that
of the approved curriculum.
3. Do not incorporate into your course materials any information that carries a higher security classification than that of the approved curriculum.
4. Make sure you can account for classified training materials or references used in the training environment at all times.
5. Immediately report any situation you suspect may constitute a security violation.
Define curriculum.
All training conducted within a school, outlined into specific topics, along
with detailed training objectives.
Define surveillance.
A process that provides ongoing evaluation of training or training materials
to ensure continued effectiveness and currency of content to meet the training
Define Interim Change.
A minor change to correct editorial and typographical errors,
teachability, safety, or urgent type commander-issued subjects.
Define change.
A modification to training materials that DOES NOT affect course objectives,
increase course length, or require additional resources.
Define Technical Change.
Any change to tactical (i.e., shipboard) or training-unique equipment
or documentation originating in the Training Support Agency’s (normally a SYSCOM)
parent material agency that affects curriculum. A technical change mayor may not affect
individual lesson objectives, but DOES NOT affect course objectives, course length, or
Define revision.
A change to any course learning/terminal objective, an increase in course
length, or any change that requires additional resources.
Define fraternization.
Personal relationships
between officer and enlisted members which are unduly familiar and do not respect differences
in rank and grade.
When could inappropriate relationships subject the member to action under the UCMJ?
When the actions or
relationships: (1) are prejudicial to good order and discipline; or (2) bring discredit to the naval
What is the Navy's policy towards sexual harrasment?
Zero Tolerance.
What is sexual harrasment?
form of discrimination involving unwelcome sexual advances, requests
for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
What is Maslow's theory about motivation?
Individuals will seek to
gratify higher order (growth) needs only when all lower order (deficiency) needs have been
relatively well satisfied
What are the key pronciples to applying motivation?
Needs and drives
What can you use to develop motivational strategies?
Make the subject matter interesting
Establish goals
Provide informative feedback
Show interest in your students
Encourage participation.