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Applying a suction to a snake bite is of little benefit after what maximum period
of time?
1. 10 minutes
2. 20 minutes
3. 30 minutes
4. 15 minutes
When applying a tourniquet to a snake bite, which of the following methods should you use?
1. Apply it half way between the bite and the heart.
2. Apply it 6 inches above the bite.
3. Apply it between the bite and the heart, about 2 inches above the bite.
Which of the following is a good substitute for soap in a survival situation?
1. Ashes
2. Sand
3. Loamy coil
4. Each of the above
What percent of the earth’s land surface is desert?
1. One-fifth
2. One-fourth
3. One-third
4. One-half
During the winter months, which of the following is NOT considered a good shelter in the arctic?
1. Crashed aircraft
2. Snow cave
3. Lean-to
To ease the pain from broken teeth in a survival Situation, which of the following remedies should you use?
1. Pull the broken tooth
2. Apply pine sap to broken teeth
3. Apply cold compresses
Which of the following snakes are considered pit vipers?
1. Rattlesnake
2. Copperheads
3. Water moccasins
4. All of the above
When selecting food in a jungle environment, which of the following foods should you avoid?
1. Food that monkeys eat
2. Slimy skin fish
3. Fish with scales
The AN/PRC-90 is capable of transmitting up to what total number of nautical miles?
1. 10
2. 20
3. 50
4. 60
Which of the following radios is equipped with a flotation device?
1. AN/PRC-90
2. AN/URT-33
3. AN/PRT-5
4. AN/PRC-49
At 77°F the AN/PRT-5 can operate continuously for how many hours?
1. 24
2. 36
3. 48
4. 72
As a survivor, why must you never touch any rescue device being lowered from a helicopter until it has touched the
1. To prevent electrical shock from
static electricity
2. To prevent development of cramps
3. To prevent your raft from capsizing
At what maximum number of pounds is the smaller hook on the double rescue hook rated?
1. 500 pounds
2. 1000 pounds
3. 1500 pounds
4. 2000 pounds
Who has the responsibility for installing the equalizer clamp?
1. First person aboard
2. Last person aboard
3. Senior man aboard
Never eat any food unless an adequate amount of water is available.
1. True
2. False