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Low point, perigree
Nadir (N)
Coming into being; in early devevlopmental stages
Nascent (adj)
Trimly neat and tidy, dapper
Natty (adj)
Vague, cloudy, lacking clearly defined form
Nebulous (adj)
A new word, expression, or usage; the creation or use of new words or senses
Neologism (n)
Recent convert; a beginner; novice
Neophyte (n)
A connection, tie, or link; center or focus
Nexus (n)
Exacting, extremely or even excessively precise; done with delicacy or skill
Nice (adj)
Offensive, especially to one's sense of smell, fetid
Noisome (adj)
Baffled, in a quandary , at a loss for what to say, do or think
Nonplussed (adj)
Cure-all, placebo, questionable remedy
Nostrum (N)
Harmful; injurious
Noxious (adj)