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Which fungi are the most common producers of myotoxins
Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium
T/F the prescence of a mold that can produce a toxin is as danerous as the prescence of the toxin
False. The prescence of the mold may be benign if the toxin is not produced
which fungi produce aflatoxins
aspergillus species like flavus, parasiticus, nidulans
What foods are usualy the source of aflatoxins
peanuts, corn, cotttonseed, oil seed
What are some diseases associated with aflatoxins
hepatocarcinogen, toxic, mutagenic ,teratogenic
acute or chronic toxicity
which fungus produces the trichothecenes toxin
Fusarium sporotrichiodes
What foods may contain trichothecenes
small grains, potatoes, corn
Why is trichothecenes toxic
inhibits protein synthesis
What sxs are associated with Trichothecenes
bloody diarrhea, dermal necrosis
what grop disease is associated wit hFusarium gramineraum
fusarium head blight (scab)
Why are Fumonisins toxic
interfere with sphingolipid metabolism/ second messenger
What species produce fumonisins
Fusarium verticilliodes, F. proliferatum
What food may be a source of fumonisins
What disease can fumonisins cause
-leukoencephalomalacia in horses
-esophageal cancer in humans(may be associated with corn mash liquor)
What species produce patulin toxins
Penicillin patulinum and other Penicillium and Aspergillus species
What foods might be tainted with Patulin toxin
apples, apple juice
What disease can be caused by Patulin toxin
hemorrhaging in cattle, toxic to cell lines and laboratory animals
How can mycotoxins be controled pre and post harvest
pre-no good control
post- control moisture levels
also transgenic plants and biocontrol with non-toxic strains, bacteria, or predators