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Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
string quartet

Intimate string chamber music style.
Quick paced movement with 3 themes
Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro
Opera buffa

Breathless quick opening of love song
Return of opening (A) unifies the 4 part sturcture (A_B_A_C)
Haydn - Symphony No. 94
Orchestra with pairs of flutes, oboes, bassoons, french horns, and trumpets along with strings and timpani

Folklike theme
Beethoven - Sym. No. 5
Famous motive (short-short-short-long)
Sonata-allegro form with fiery opening theme and sweet 2nd theme
Beethoven - Piano Sonata
Grave beginning

Balanced proportions of 5 part rondo form. unified by recurring refrain

Songful melody
Schubert - Erlking
Through-composed Lied

Piano accompaniment
Schumann - And if the flower knew
Lied from a song cycle

Fast breathless melody
Hurried tempo
Dramatic emotional mood
Chopin - Nocturne
Meditative melody
Use of tempo rubato
Berlioz - Symphonic fantastique 4th mvt
program symphony

diabolicl march with 2 themes
played by large orch.
Smetana - The Moldau
Symphonic poem

musical images of scenes along the river Moldau
Brahms - Sym No 3

Cellos, then violins, woodwinds and french horns
Brahms - A German requiem
Choral melody
changes in mode (major-minor)
Verdi - Rigoletto
Opening chorestoral ritornello

Single male voice