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What does the muscular system do?
It allows animals to move internally and externally
What do you use your muscles for?
Name the three different types of muscles the muscular system in vertebrates consist of?
1. Cardiac
2. Skeletal
3. Smooth
Heart is a muscle
What are cardiac muscles?
Striated muscles that makes up the heart.
Describe them.
What are striated muscles?
Muscle tissue that is marked by dark and light bands.
Describe them.
Why is the cardiac muscle unique?
It is the only type of muscle consisting of branching fibers and it's only found in the heart.
How is it different?
What are skeletal muscles?
Voluntary muscles attached to the frame of the skeletal system
Describe them.
What are smooth muscles?
Involuntary muscle
Describe them.
What do smooth muscles do?
Enables the internal organs to move.
Describe them.
What do skeletal muscles do?
Make the body move
Describe them.
Movement of all muscles is controlled through the __________ system.
How many muscles are in the human body?
About 700
Ballpark it!
Muscle is a contractile form of _________.
What is used to move parts of the body and move substances within the body.
Muscle contraction
What do the musceles do?
Muscle cells are composed of two proteins called ______ and _______
1. Myosin
2. Actin
Sounds like verbs.
In skeletal muscle, contraction is stimulated by electrical impulses transmitted by the the _______ and______________ .
1. Motor nerves
2. Motorneurons
What transmitt electrical impulses that has to do with the topic
What muscle is the strongest?
The tongue may is the strongest muscle at what point in your life.
The heart is the muscle that performs the largest quantity of ________ ____ in the course of a lifetime
Physical work
How many skeletal muscles are in your body?
Over 600
What is the efficiency percentage?
14 - 24%
What role in the muscular system does actin and myosin play?
Contraction and relaxation
What muscle excerts most force?
What shape are most muscle cells?