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prenatal contractures in all limbs, internal rotation shoulder, extended elbows, flexed wrist, bilat club foot. breech.
amyoplasia congenita (arthrogryposis type).
ambulatory after PT and surgery
multiple fractures in newborn
OI type III
findings of OI type I
osteoporosis, blue sclerae, sensorineural hearing loss. fragile bones
wormian bone on skull XR
OI type III, many fx at birth, ar, blue sclerae
achondroplasia genetics
AD. 80% are new mutations. advanced paternal age is associated. homozygous is fatal in newborn period FGFR3 gene fibroblast growth factor 3
large head, depressed nasal bridge, frontal bossing, prox shrotening of extrem
brachycephaly, midfacial hypolasia
management of congenital torticollis
stretching exercise. surgery at age 1 if not improved.
3-10yr old boy with groin pain. limp, limited abduction
Legg Calve Perthes
acute severe bilat calf pain, refuse walk. following acute illness.
postviral myositis
epidemiology of DDH
multifactorial inheritance. unilatt in 80% L more common than R. girls > boys. first born more common
management of scoliosis
if abnromal exam, do XR. If open epiphyses and curve >20 degrees, refer. If closed epiphyses and curve >40 degrees refer.
acute hip pain, boy, recent URI, not ill, flexioin, abduction, ext rotation, labs nl but ESR slightly raised
transient synovitis
arthritis in B19 parvo
more common the older the patient. symmetric polyarticular, hands, wrists, knees
best test to confirm osteo
bone scan
treatment of clubfoot
cast on first day of life.
18 month, developmental delay, macrocephaly, mild coarsened facial features. HS megaly
14 boy leg swelling over 2 weeks, afebrile. osteolytic lesion midshaft, surrounding soft-tissue mass. onionskin appearance.
Ewing sarcoma
torticollis with cranial nerve findings
post fossa tumor
head tilt with GER
Sandifer syndrome
infant short neck, low hairline, facial asymmetry, cervical vertebrae fusions
Klippel-Feil sequence can be with neural tube defects.
clefting and polydactyly
tri 13. microcephaly, holoprosencephaly
scoliometer reading for 20 degree curvature on xr
7 degrees.
neonatal septic arthritis organisms
GBS, Staph
neonatal septic arthritis organisms
GBS, Staph
differentiate SCFE from Legg Calve Perthes on presentation
Similar exam. SCFE is more insidious and older child (teen), LCP is pre HS.