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Spinal Cord injury with C5 intact
- Weak shoulder function and elbow flexion
- cannot operate wheelchair
Spinal Cord injury with C6 intact
- Full shoulder function, strong elbow flexion, wrist extension, supination and pronation
- can operate a wheelchair over level surfaces
Spinal Cord injury with C7 intact
- add elbow extension, wrist flexion and finger extension
- weak grip
Spinal Cord injury with C8 intact
- Hand normal, except intrinsics (claw hand)
- grasp and fine motor control deficient
Spinal Cord injury with L2 intact
- Hip flexors (iliopsoas) well-powered
- adductors weakly powered
- little help in gait
Spinal Cord injury with L3 intact
- Good hip flexors and adductors
- some knee extension helps with crutch gait
Spinal Cord injury with L4 intact
- Add full quads, but still no hip extensors for stability
- need crutches
Spinal Cord injury with L5 intact
- Still no gluteus maximus for hip stability
- need crutches
Spinal Cord injury with S1 intact
- Close to normal hip and knee muscles
- can walk, but foot intrinsics out, leading to claw toes
- Still no bowel and bladder control
Hoffman sign
- Nip middle finger nail resulting in thumb flexion
- upper motor neuron sign
muscle grading scale
- 0-6
- 0-4 is none, trace, poor, fair, good
- 5 is normal
Dupuytren contracture
- an aggressive progressive nodular fibrosis of the palmar fascia that often extends into the fingers
- particularly the 4th and 5th digits
- It is associated with local trauma and alcohol ingestion