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Heberden's Nodes
- inflamm of the DIPs
- common in 10 generalized OA
1o generalized osteoarthritis epi
- more common in women
- more familial
osteoarthritis radiology findings
- fssures preprindicular to joint space
- thickened SCB (eburnated, or ivory like)
- cysts
- osteophytes
osteoarthritis micro findings
- cartilages looses its ability to stain for proteoglycans
- caps may penetrate SCB and enter TM
- newly formed cartilage cells duplicate the TM
- SCB has thickened trabeculae
- bad superficial chondrocytes, lots of deep ones
- hypertrophies synovium w/ folds
- low grade mono's
brood capsules
- in OA there are bad superficial chondrocytes, lots of deep ones
- these are the deep ones, aka clones
OA pathogenesis
- alterations in proteoglycans, esp aggrecan
- make shorter molelcues w/ smaller side chains and they cant hold water as well
- tendency to synthesize type 1 instead of type 2
- IL-1 and TNF-a make metalloproteinase which degrated cartilage
- OA chondrocytes make NO, that may inhibit GAG synthesis
Bouchards nodes
cystic swellings on PIPs
1o generalized OA PE findings
- radial deviation
- Heverdens nodes, and Bouchards nodes
- 1st CMC joint involved
- narrowed webspace
- trapezo-scaphoid may be involved
- 1st MTP and TMT joints
- MCP's, ankles spared
RF's for OA
- ACL tear
- obesity
- pre-existing varus (or, less commonly, varus)
gel phenomenon
- OA only has bried stiffness in the morning
- or after a period of inactivity
- we dont know why this happens
causes of 2o OA
- CPPD deposition
- acromegaly
- wilsons
- hyperPT
- hemocrhomatosis
- ocrhonosis
charcot arthropathy
- severe degen arthitis in joints deprived of pain inntervation
- may be tabes dorsalis, syngomyelia, DM
how is localized OA different from generalized OA?
- likes the legs
- usually from old injury or repetivie occupational trauma
chondromalacia patellae
- OA of patellofemoral joint of adolescents
- pain under patella w/ flexion or extension, annoying grating sensation
uncovertebral joints of Luschka and OA
- osteophytes here can impinge nerve roots
posttraumatic arthritis
- from an intraarticular that wasn't reduces
OA of hip radiograph
superolateral or medial narrowing
inflammatory OA radiograph
- erosions of SCB
- no periarticular osteopenia like rA
diffuse idopathic skeletal hyperostosis
- looks like OA on rad
- in old men
- spinal stiffness w/ oseophyte formation of right side of vertebral bodies
- oseophytes at large joins and SCB changes of OA
newer medical OA tx
- oral glucosamine
- intraarciular injection of hyaluronic acid
- implantation of autogenous carilage cells
surgical OA tx
- debridement, osteotomy
- end-of-road are replacements and arthrodesis