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axial mesoderm
forms the notocord
paraxial mesoderm
- UG system
- somites
- ventromedial somites become scleretomes thate form the vertebrae
- dorsolateral somites become the dermomyotomes
parietal lateral plate mesoderm
- body wall
- skeletal limbs
visceral lateral plate mesoderm
- becomes the gut
what part of the spine corresponds with the limb buds
- C5-T1
- L2-S2
fibroblastic growth factor
- initiates limb bud outgrowth
- TBX 5 for upper limb
- TBX 4 for lower limb
Apical Ectodermal Ridge
- thickening of ecotderm on limb bud
- makes mesoderm proliferate
- critical for proximo-distal growth
Zone of Polarizing activity
- controls cranio-caudal outgrowth of limbs
- duplication can yield mirror image duplication of digits
what is the MSK system like at 6 wks gestation?
- condensation of mesenchyme in central axis becomes cartilage
- Distal dermomyotome forms skeletal muscle
- ventral 1o rami accompany the muscle cells
what happens to the cartilage in the center of long bones in development?
they hypertrophy, die, and are invaded by caps growing in from the periostieum
how do long bones grow in width with development?
periosteal osteoblasts in membranous bone formation
how do synarthroses joints form?
loose CT b/t adjacent bones becomes fibrous tissue (syndesmoses for craineal sutures) OR cartilage (synchondroses for IV disk)
how do diarthroses joints form?
- from at 6th week
- cleft in mesenchymal tissue next to cartilage ends
- peripheral becomes capsule and ligs, inner becomes synoveal membrane
- intrauterine movement key