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What is Stratospheric Ozone
Good ozone, protects from UV
What depletes stratospheric ozone?
CFCs, methyl bromide, nitrous oxide
What is Tropospheric ozone? and what causes it
Bad ozone
Urban polution, from interaction of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and sunlight(smog)-cars
What causes Global Warming
greenhouse gasses: Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs
Where does CO2 come from?
Fossil Fuel combustion from internal combustion engine, power plants
Where does methane come from?
Rice paddies, ruminants, landfills, leakage from natural gas pipelines
Where does Nitrous Oxide come from?
fertilizer decomposition in soil
What are they main gases in the Atmosphere and what are their percentages
Nitrogen- 78%
Oxygen- 21%
Argon- 1%
What are the trace gases in the atmosphere and how many ppm? (hint- the same ones that cause global warming)
Carbon dioxide- 350ppm
methane- 1.7 ppm
nitrous oxide- .3 ppm
What organisms do 50% of global photosynthesis
marine photoplankton
What is the Biological Pump?
it removes CO2 from the atmosphere to deep ocean
The addition of Iron to High Nutrient Low Chlorophyll regions might stimulate what?
The biological pump, therefore climate change
What are some problems with Fe fertilization to curb global warming?
Although there was more CO2 uptake, there was no eveidence that more fixed C descended into deep ocean. Also FE could cause more production of nitrous oxide.
What kind of Climate Change is caused by global warming?
Slower thermohaline circulation causes colder Europe
What kind of severe weather is caused by global warming?
droughts, excessive rainfall, more hurricanes, more temp difference btw poles and equator
What are some effects of the sea-level rise caused by global warming?
Coastal flooding
submersion of islands
In 1998, what were the CO2 emissions per capita in US, Europe, Asia?
US- 5.4 tons/person/yr
Eu- 1.9 t/p/y
Asia- .3 t/p/y
What level do we need to maintain in the world of CO2 emissions to level out CO2 at 400ppm?
.4 tons/person/year
What will happen if CO2 stabilizes at 550ppm?
Global avg temperature will go up 5.5 degrees C
Sea level go up 6m