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Most managers have and take the time to reflect upon a systematic plan of daily work
Classical managememnt theory originated in England during the 19th Century
False....17th century
Prior to the behavioral school, the employee was not the primary focus of management's concern
The "discovery" that all employees are not primarily motivated by tangibles such as money was made during the behavioral school era
The ability to be flexible and adaptive are managerial attributes within the contingency school
Henri Fayol contends that all workers should report to one and only one boss, i.e., unity of command
Relationships with suppliers are formed for the long term and are quality-oriented
"Profit", "superior performance", and "quality is number one" are objective and effective mission statements
Boundary spanners look for developments that do not influence plans, forecasts, decisions and organizations
Single-use plans are assigned and accomplished over a fixed period of time
The various levels of management in an organization are known as a ________ or pyramid structure
Which of the following is true regarding the classical schools of management theory
The administrative school dealth with bureaucracies
A thorough understanding of how a total system works requires an understanding of how:
componets parts are interrelated
Statistical process control (SPC) is the use of tools and methods to determine if a process is in control (____) or out of control (____).
predictable; unpredictable
The surrounding region or community's permanent framework might include dams, power stations, roads, railways, harbors and airports is known as
When managers plan, the desired "results" are____
A plan does not specify _____
Specific results are expected from _____ in the form of operational objectives
work groups
first-level managers
all the above
Management by objectives (MBO) is a unique planning method because subordinates have the opportunity to
communicate and reciprocate with managers to set their own goals
The type of objectives that focus on the changes desired in such areas as productivity, product innovation, and responsibilities to stakeholders is a
strategic goal
The synergy of a marketing strategy specifies the position or size the firm wante to de-emphasize, given its environment
Focus strategy is one type of competitive strategy
A cost-leadership strategy is one focused on keeping costs as low as possible through efficient operations and loose controls
The high and low risks is often correlated with the high and low of certainty, respectively
Logically, if strategy changes, then structure must change accordingly
The late Sam Walton's slogan, "The customer is the boss", keeps the culture of Wal-Mart focused on providing high-quality customer service
Honoring, respecting, and encouraging suggestions by management shapes the corporate culture
Change originates only from internal sources of organizational environments
Most changes introduced by top-level management effect only a select protion of the organization
Complementary forces make up the structure of force fields analysis
The three levels of stratiges are corporate, business and ____
Decisions are choices made by selecting from available ______
Which of the following is not a portion of the organization process
selecting personnel
As an analogy, organizational design is similar to assembling a jigsaw puzzle ______
without a picture or sample to work from
The elements that a designer has to work with to fit together to form an overall structural approach include the following except
informal authority
A management technique for instituting change by thoroughly analyzing problems and implementing long-term solutions is known as
organizational development
The staffing function "ultimately" strives to ____
assist all employees in gaining job satisfaction
The assignment of conducting the in-depth interview will normally be granted to the ____
applicant's reporting senior
Employment benefits or prequisites known as "perks" are normally associated with which level of the organization
top management
A few dynamic thinking, top-level managers delegate strategic planning to
line managers