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How does "footmarch" go?
2-beat anacrusis
Fake pastoral
Begins with quarter-note upbeat
Weak 3rd beat
Who justifies the use of the terms dominant and tonic "paragraphs"?
What sorts of instrumentations can imply seria?
opening rit material that character never uses (Porgi amor, non mi dir)
What sorts of instrumentations can imply seria?
opening rit material that character never uses (Porgi amor, non mi dir)
In which arias does Webster see "multivalence" as corresponding with extreme agitation?
Come scoglio
Smanie implacabili
Tutti nel cor vi sento
Porgi amor
What two ensembles does Rosen see as sonata form?
Figaro: "recognition" sextet
DG: Act II sextet (w/o DG)
What formal feature corresponds to highly dramatic situations for Rosen?
Large development
What unique feature did Feldman notice in Mozart's operas up to 1775?
cadential gestures (flourishes) that end the opening rit, the opening couplet, and the second rit are the same/similar (like concerto)
In what Mozart finale do the individual numbers not all begin and end in the same key?
Cosi act II
In what Mozart act do the internal movements not avoid the tonic of the finale?
What is the most common form, according to Platoff, of the stretta?
What, for Platoff, is the motion within each buffa finale number?
Action/dialogue (solo singing) to expression/Tutti
What are the three anomalies for Platoff in the buffa finale?
Self-contained expressive passages (first number in Cosi Act I finale)
Shock tutti—time is frozen).
The last tutti (Stretta
What are "the keys" of Tito?
C, Eb
What, according to John A. Rice, is the "Tito motive"?
Dotted third ascent by step
How did the finales end, respectively, in Leopold II's operas in Florence?
Where might the ideas of off-stage chorus, and violence, respectively, have come?
French "decorum"
When and Where did Tito debut?
Prague, National Theatre, September 1791.
Who wrote the libretto for Tito?
Caterino Mazzolà
What count and impressario were involved in Tito's commission?
Domenico Guardasoni
Count Heinrich Rottenhan
What aria did Mozart write before the rest?
“Non più di fiori”
Which primo uomo played Sesto?
Domenico Bedini
What did Empress Maria Luisa call Tito?
porcheria tedesca
What writers compare Tito to Sarastro?
Daniel Heartz, Amalie Abert
Who wrote about "Cartesian principles" in Tito?
Don Neville, 1988
What seria aspect is there to Mozart's rondo for Sesto?
Exact repeat of A section
What is the basis for the character Sesto?
Cinna in Corneille’s "Cinna"
What is unique about Vitellia's rondo?
lines of quinari; supposed to be 12 lines of ottonari
What character seems like a "narrator" like Leporello
What was the heyday for settings of Tito?
What were Metastasio's sources for Tito?
Corneille’s Cinna
Racine’s Andromaque
What characters in Tito are historical?
To what does Annio & Servilla duet bear a striking resemblance?
Mazzolà's comic operas
What Des Cartes writing does Neville talk about?
Les Passions de l’âme, elevating generosity
What is important about Christine of Sweden?
Involved with the earliest proto-Arcadians, also tutored by Descartes 1649-50
What play was the basis of Gluck's first French opera, Iphigénie en Aulide?
Racine, Iphigénie
Who was Giambattista Varesco’s source?
Antoine Danchet
What do Heartz and Dent suggest as the source for the crowd scenes, choruses, Priest scene?
Who questions this?
Gluck's Alceste
William Mann, 1980
By what designation did WM refer to Idomeneo?
grosse Oper
What WM predecessor had already combined seria with tragedie lyrique?
When and by whom was Idomeneo commissioned? When performed?
Karl Theodor & Count Seeau.

Where was the 1786 performance of Idomeneo?
Auersperg palace
What were the changes (4) to the 1786 version of Idomeneo?
Arbace Act II scene replaced Id/Il scene
“Fuor del Mar” shortened, simplified
No. 20 Duet "S'io non moro" replaced
Idamante as tenor
For which Idomeneo performers had WM already composed arias?
Anton Raaff, Dorotea Wendling
What is the most unusual aspect of Idomeneo tonally?
Each act ends in home key.
Which two pieces in Idomeneo feature drops by tone in minor
Tutti nel cor vi sento
Qual nuovo terrore
Which important arias (3) were cut from first performance?
D’Oreste, d’Aiace
Torna la Pace
No, la morte io non pavento
Who did Michael Kelly play?
What (2) things does Platoff find unhelpful about the Sonata principle in describing SM arias?
It implies tonic/dominant polarity
It implies important recap
What are Platoff's characteristics of the first section of the "buffa" aria?
Like Sonata exposition
Short two-bar phrases beginning on upbeat
What are the characteristics (3) of the second part of the Platoff buffa aria?
A (I) B (x) AC (I) form
often thematically unrelated (esp. if 2-tempo aria)
What four characters receive rondos for their final arias?
donna anna
How does Rosen explain slow-fast arias in terms of sonata form?
End part, even though thematically unrelated, substitutes for recap
After which aria, according to Rosen, did Mozart's thematic returns get less literal?
Entführung (1782)
What 2 arias are Webster's arie d'affetti?
Un aura amorosa
Porgi amor
What, according to Webster, is the key of "aria d'affetto"
What 2 WM/daP arias have long, formal intro (Webster)
Ah, Chi mi dice mai
Porgi amor
What, for Webster, do 2-tempo arias signify?
High born or pretentious
With which opera does Mozart initiate his practice of beginning and ending his operas in the same key?
Entführung (1782)
According to Webster, what is the only on-duet ensemble to be in real sonata form?
"Ah, taci ingiusto core"
Who questions whether Figaro is "in" D, and hence, the move to "subdominant" of the opening number?
Who says all of Act I is G-C progression?
Who sees Porgi Amor-->Act II finale as all "in" Eb?
Allanbrook, Carter
Who notes that sonatas are about single, not multiple mvts?
Who notes, regarding tonal unity, that audiences played cards?
What is Rosen's DG opening span
Overture to the end of DA, DO duet
Who sang Ottavio in Prague? What other role did he sing?
Antonio Baglioni, Tito
Who sang Ottavio in Vienna?
Francesco Morello
What opera besides cosa rara and Figaro is quoted in DG finale?
Sarti, Fra i due litiganti
Year Joseph II replaced Italian company with German one
Year Idomeneo Performed
Year of Giovanni Paisiello's, Le barbier de Seville
Year of new Italian buffo company
Beginning of Figaro Compsition
Month/Year of Vienna Figaro
May 1786
Prague performance of Figaro
January 1787
Vienna revival of Figaro
Figaro's "bravura" aria
Aprite un po' quegli ochi
Count's bravura aria
Vedro mentr'io sospiro
How is "vedrò mentr'io sospir" undermined?
extension of "nacesti" corrupts regular beat
Letter duet
"Che soave zeffiretto"
Allanbrook's pastoral drama spans:
"Che soave zeffiretto" (Bb) to
"Pace, pace mio dolce tesoro" (Bb) in finale
Allanbrook's pastoral numbers
Letter duet Act III Peasant Chorus
Barbarina’s "L'ho perduta"
Susanna "Deh, Vieni"
Reconciliation (Pace, pace, mio dolce tesoro"
Beaumarchais' First two comedies
Barbier, 1775, comedy
Beaumarchias' Nozze di Figaro
1781 (written), 1784 (performed publically)
Whence the theme "Voi che sapate"?
Dante, Vita Nuova
Which Acts combined by WM and da Ponte in Figaro?
4, 5
What are F's and S's dance rhythms in "Cinque, Dieci"
F: bourée
S: gavotte
Who was Luigi Bassi?
The Prague Count Almaviva and DG
What is the "surface" dance of "Via Resti servite"?
What dance meters are in "Non piu andrai"
March, Gavotte
Allanbrook's "wave" breakdown for Act II finale
Who talks about Ab-G resoution spanning Porgi, Amor and Dove Sono?
What sort of minuet is Susanna's "Signore, cos’è quel stupore"
"Stage" minuet, noblest kind
What dance is the "artificial recreation" of pastoral?
Gavotte (Count's "Conosceti, signor Figaro?")
Which arias in Figaro have repetitive line lengths, inducing WM to introduce musical variety?
Voi che sapete
Deh, vieni
How does Noske characterize Susanna's music in Figaro?
descending leaps, coquettish triplets
What does Noske say about the Count?
"hot-headed anapests"
Who wrote the earlier "Barber of Seville"
Giovanni Paisiello
Who wrote on Buffa conventions?
Michael Robinson
What writers have commented upon the parodying of the grand tragic style in Cosi?
Dent, Kerman
What aria in Cosi does Dent see as a seria parody?
Smanie implacabili
What (6) numbers seem to parody the "air" conceit of Metastasio?
Soave sia il vento
smanie implacabile
de pasta simile
come scoglio
Un' aura amorosa
secondate, aurette amiche
Who wrote on parody and burlesque in Cosi?
Rodney Farnsworth
Who wrote on Cupid, Despina, and the Pastoral Mode of Cosi?
Edmund Goehring
What is the source of Alfonso's "Vorrei dir"
An aria from Paisiello's "Barbier," which Bussani sang
What were da Ponte's extremes that a finale had to cover?
adagio to strepitosissimo
What is the fast, gay minuet?
Where is Cosi's pseudo-finale
Act I, "alla bella Despinetta"
Who played the first Fiordiligi?
Adriana Ferrarese, da Ponte's mistress
What pieces similarly vacillate between love and anger?
Ferrando's "Tradito, Schernito," Elvira’s “Ah, taci, ingiusto core.”
Which of Despina's numbers has a relationship to another opera? What opera? Why?
“Una donna a quindici anni,” "Una Cosa rara," Dorothea Bussani the singerin each case.
Three compound-meter dances, order of speed
What distinguishes pastorale?
Frequent slurs, no dots
Whence Despina's claim that taking a second lover is natural?
Johann Pezzl (Mason), Skizze von Wien (1786–90).
How did Hoffmann feel about cosi?
“truly operatic,”
“delicious irony”
How did Hoffmann feel about DG?
Figaro more “a play with songs” than opera
How did Hanslick feel about Cosi? When?
Not stageworthy. 1875
What is the genre of cosi?
Demonstration comedy
What is the mythical source of the conceit of Cosi?
Cephalus and Procris
Who first associated Ariosto Canto 43 with Cosi?
Kurt Kramer
Elizabeth Dunstan
Who was the founder of Merserism
Franz Anton Mesmer
When was Cosi first performed in Vienna?
January 1990
At what late point does Bruce Alan Brown think Cosi was "probably underway?"
October 1789
What was the month and year of the Figaro revival in Vienna?
August , 1789
Who suggests a link with Mariveaux in cosi (two couples)
Andrew Steptoe
What roles did Adriana Ferrarese play?
Susanna in 1789 Figaro
What finale has probably the most prominent use of the minor mode?
Long passage of continuous music in cosi
Gugliemo and Dorabella's duet to Per pieta.
What cosi number begins with what seems a parody of Giulio Cesare and Idomeneo
Act I Finale, "Ah che tutta in un momento"
Where is pseudo-finale in Don Giovanni?
Act II, between No. 19 (Zerlina's "Vedrai, carino") and Leporello/DE scene
How does WJA characterize the difference between Figaro's, DGs finales?
Figaro's resolve already-present problem, DG sets up and resolves its own.
What is the dance suite of the beginning of the Act II finale of DG?
Who suggests the statue isn't there and "due della notte" means two hours till sunset?
What is the actual song in DG?
deh vieni alla finestra
What two numbers present in the Prague production were omitted in the Vienna production of DG?
·“Il mio tesoro” (21)
Leporello’s escape aria (20)
What pieces were added for Vienna version?
Elvira, opera seria scena “In quail eccessi, mi tradì”
“Per queste tue mannine (21a)
How does WJA characterize the difference between characterization in DG, Figaro?
More rigid in DG
In what circumstances does DG adopt the "high" style?
Only when addressing the Commendatore
Who says DG's problem is lack of anxiety/guilt?
Michael Beckerman, 1985
Who classifies DA and DO as singing in the "classical Mozartian dialect"? What are the features of this dialect?
Michael Beckerman 1985
harmonic surprises, dissonance, modulations
What is the exemplary "exalted" march?
DA "Or sai chi l'onore"
Who says D-minor is DA's key?
Who ridiculed DO? Why?
Allanbrook: All tender virtues are savaged
In what source did DG steal Elvira from a nunnery?
What 2 characteristics do all of Zerlina's numbers share?
Pastoral features
What is the original source for DG?
Tirso de Molina, 1630. "El burlador de Sevilla"
What is the most important literary precedecessor of DG?
Moliére, 1665
What version of DG had DG struck by lightning?
Carlo Goldoni. Don Giovanni Tenorio.
What was the first DG opera?
1669. L’empio punito. Acciajoli (text), Melani (music). Protagonist named Acrimante.
What was the immediate source for DG for da Ponte and Mozart?
What important changes did it make?
Removes spiders, scorpions, vinegar
Who says "dramma giacoso" is not an ambiguous term?
Who, recently, says "dramma giacoso" is an ambivalent term?
What was the year of Mozart's letter to his dad about kinds of roles in an opera seria?
When was Bertati's DG performed in Vienna?
February 1787
When was the Prague premiere of DG?
October 1787
Who said final scene not included after first performance?
Wenzel Swoboda (so it is said), double bassist in Prague Orchestra
When was first Vienna performance of DG?
May 1788 (No LII)
When was second Vienna performance of DG?
December 1788
Who gave the characterization of DG as singspiel-romantic opera-music drama
Christof Bitter
Whence the Cherubino-Papageno-DG idea?
Who thinks DG is perfect matching of message & medium
Who says DG brings latent beauty of all women to fruition?
How do Dent and Grout differ on DG's genre
Dent: buffa
Grout: "mixed"
What is Noske's take on DG?
Social drama, DG attacks weakest link.
Who, in DG, are Noske's "strong" characters for flouting social order?
What was Bernard Williams, 1981, take on DG
DG important for freedom, love of life
Flawed by lack of compassion
Allanbrooke's take on the character DG
He moves between buffoon, villain, so is neither
How does WJA explain away the end
It is "actual" song
What impressario commissioned DG?
What in DG is original da Ponte?
Between Act I quartet and graveyard scene