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In the name of God
(before eating, traveling, or any activity you wish to do in God's name)
May God give you health
(in response to besse77tek)
'llah y'tik sa77a
To your health
(to someone after a haircut or bath)
bessa77tek or bessa77a
The blessing of God upon you
(compliment on an accomplishment or saying goodbye to a friend)
Tbarek 'llah 3lik
May God bless you
(response to tbarka 'llah 'lik)
'llah y'barek fik
May God cure you
(used to show sympathy toward a sick person)
'llah y'shafi
May God not show you any harm (a response to May God cure you)
'llah y'wrrik bas
Peace upon you
(to someone arriving from a journey or recovering from an illness or calamity)
'llah slamtek
May God grant you peace
(response to 'la slamtek)
'llah y'sellemek
You are welcome at our house
(said to someone as they arrive to visit your home)
Mra7ba bik 'andna (sing)
Mra7ba bikum 'andna (pl)
Have a peaceful journey
(to someone leaving on a journey)
ttreq ssalama
May God return it to you
(after receiving hospitality or getting paid)
'llah y'khlef
Thanks to God
(said after finishing a meal, or after expressing that all is well in life)
You're welcome
la shukran 3la wajib
God forgives
'llah y'sam7