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objective of gas free engineering program?
- AVFGE program is to ensure a safe enviornmet when working on fuel systems
hazards of radio frequency (rf) energy?
- rf energy generates electrical current, can cause shock, burns, or premature activation of electro-explosive devices in ordance, which can cause sparks/arcs
whats orm acronym?
I -identify hazards
A- asses hazards
M - make risk decisions
I- implememnt controls
S - supervise
how many fleet master chiefs are there?
6 areas of navy doctrine acronym?
C - command and control
O- operations
W - warfare
L - logistcs
I - intelleigence
P - planning
3 levels of war acronym?
T - tactical
O - operations
S- strategic
vp-10 and pearl harbor?
- vp-10 flying PBY aircraft were the ones that alearted the fleet "strawberry five" to the position of jap carriers while on patrol
whats signifigance of 8 may 1911?
captain chambers bought 2 glenn curtis biplanes (the A-1) for 5,500.00 each

- its birthaday of naval avaiation
when was 1st aircfaft carrier comisioned?
- 20 march 1922 the uss langley
when di d fj-1 fury first fly?
10 march 1948
1st navy pilot in space?
-5 may 1961
-alan shepard
-15 subortital flight
-aboard mercury capsule freedom 7
whats rate AS?
- avaiation support equipment technitian
- helicopter combat support
-helicopter combat support special squadron
helo antisubmarine
- helo antisub light
- tactical electronic warfare
- carrier airborne early warning
fleet composite
fleet air reconisance
aircraft logistics support
carrier logisitcs support
- carrier antisub warfare
harrier (fighter attack)
hercules (logistics support)
c-2 ?
greyhound (carrier logists support)
c-20 ?
gulfstream (logistics support)
c-9 ?
sky train (logistics support)
prowler (tactical electronic warfare)
hawkeye (airborne early warning)
huron (logistcs support)
mercuy (fleet air reconisance)
hornet (fighter attack)
tomcat (fighter)
seasprite (helicopter antisub light)
sea king (helicopter antisub)
h-46 ?
sea knight (helo combat support)
sea stallion (helo mine countermesures)
seahawk (helo antisub)
revised ****

sh-60B ?
seahawk (helo antisub light?
oceanhawk (helo antisub light)
HH-60H ?
seahawk (helo anitsub light)
viking (carrier antisub warfare)
skyhawk (training)
goshhawk (training)
turbomentor (training)
Iroquouis (helo combat support)
tiger (fighter)
cobra (helo combat support)
destroyer tender
combat stores ship
fleet ocean tugs
rescue and salvage ships
patrol craft
- submarine rescue ship
repair ships
submarine tender
mine countermeasure ship
coastal mine hunter
name of gas mask?
height of high altitude air burst?
above 100,000 ft
what type of blast = worst fallout?
surface blast
whats tail number aka side number?
last 3 digtits of BUNO aka aircraft number
whats special inspetion?
inspection with prescribered intervl other then daily, calender or phase e.g. 2000 landing
whats a conditional inspection?
unscheduled inspection e.g.bird strike inspection, or when hit by lightning
whats a phase inspection?
divides total schedmuled maintance requirment into smalled packages
whats a ASPA?
aircraft service period adjustment

- depot level eval of planes general condtiion
whats FCF?
functional flight check

-determines wherather plane and plane parts (airframe, powerplant etc) is fuctioning up to standardsw
whos authorized to sign aircraft logbook entries?
co or anyone co designates in writing
who is authorized to release plane safe for flight?
- mo, mmco, or mco or anyone co designated in writing
whats a PMIC?
peridodic maintance information cards
whats PMIC?
periodic maintance info cards

- to identify scheduled or forced removal items and their replecment intervals
whats MIMs
maintance instruction manuals

0 instruct for O and I level maintance for specific model plane
whats QAR?
- quality assurance representative

- certify all work done well, correctly, and completed, and inspects it all
whats CDQAR?
colateral duty quality assurance representative

-relieves qar during short periods\
- or acts as qar when no billet for a qar
whats CDI?
collatyeral duty inspector
what CDI?
colateral duty inspector

- asigned to workcenter to inspect all work
2 QA audits?
- special - inspects specific maint tasks, processes etc

- quarterly/workcenter - conducted quarterly to eval overall performance of each work center
whats ESD progrsm?
electro-static discharge program

- helps controk and minimize electrostatic discharge
-provides esd protected areas for materials, equipment and procedures
whats are subsystems of O level in nalcomis?
1. maintance
2. logs/record
3. personel
4. flight
5. assets
6. data analysis
7. reports
8. ad hoc query
what are nalcomis subsytsmes for I level maint?
1/ maintance activity
2. configuration status accounting
3. personel managment
4. asset anagment
5. material requirment processing
6. system support
7. data off load/on load
8. technical publications
whats MAF?
maintance action form
- used to document maint actions
whats a WUC?
work unit code

- identifies the system or subsystem being worked on
whats a JCN?
job control number

9,10, or 11 character code, srves as a base for maintance data reporting (MDR)
whats MCN?
mainatance contol number

- 7 character code, tracks maf's throught maintance process
on a MAF whats a discrepency block?
narrative description of a reported discrepeny
on a maf whats a corrective action block?
description f corrective action taken to correct a discrepency
on a maf whats a w/d code
- when discovered code
-stated when discrepency was discoveed
on a maf whats a TYPE EQUIP code?
-type equipment code

- type of equipment being worked on
whats SMQ?
whats ICRL?

- statment of IMA component repair capability
-also items that are capable for repair
- consoilidated remain in place list
- listing of all authorized remain in place items
whats AVDRL?
whats aviation depot level repair

whats AWP?
- awaiting parts

- when materials required to complete a maintance actions arent available on ship
whats IMRL?
- individual material readiness list

- list shows items and quantities of certain SE equipment required for material readiness
whats AIR?
- aircraft inventory records
whats AIR?
aircraft inventory records

- chain of accountability for equopment
whats exrep?
expeditious repair
-repair of components related to NMCS or PMCS situatiuon
whats SM&R codes?
- source, maintance, and recoverability codes
- communicate maintance/supply instructions to various logists support levels
whats towing speed of plane?
- fast as slowest walkedr
whats 4 catagories of tie down requirments?
1. initial
2. intermediate
3. permanent
4. heavy weather
weight/load of tie down chain?
load is 10,000 lbs., weight is 10.5 lbs
rate of fueling
600 gpm from 2 trucks, 300gpm form one
fueling methods
1. overwing gravity feed
2. center point pressure fueling (force feed)
whats IDTC?
inter deployment training cyclle
whats TPC?
tactical profiency course

-enhance aircrew performance
whats ORE ?
- operational readiness eval

-squadrons abiltity to performn miossions
whats ACT?
aircrew coordination training
-7 behavior skills
whats emergency shore based recovery equipment?
- in any emergeny, blown tire, sick pilot etc, you must imediatly stop plane
purpose of ma-1 overrun barrier?
- for planes not equipmed with tailhooks, but plane must have anosewheel to work
miimum ppe for flight line?
1. cranial
2. jersey
3. goggles
4. sound attenuatrors
5. flight deck shoes
6. floatation geaar
7. survival light
8. whistle
whats a runway numbering system?
- runways numbered in relation to their magnetic heading rouunded off to nearest 10 degrees

a runway heading of 250 degrees is runway 25
threshold markings?
- runways 200 ft wide have 10 stiripes marking the landing threshold (each 12 ft w by 150 ft long)
-runways less then 200 ft markings covr width of runway less 20 ft on both sides
airfield lighting system?
- when field is closed all lights shut off except 1. navigavble airspace obstrucion lights 2. rotating beacons used as a visiual orientation aid in cities

- standardiz3ed by air forcer marines navy etc
runway/taxiway marking system?
- taxiway lights are blue
- 2 blue lights called entrance-exit lights are spaced 5 ft apart on each side of taxiway entrance/exit
- turned on as sson as pilot cleared tro taxi in/out
arm/dearm area?
- where ordance is changed from a state of a safe condition to a state of readienss and vice vers
overrun area?
provides reasonably effective deceleration area for aborting or overshooting planes
whats parking apron?
for parking, servicesing, loading planes
airfield rotating beacon?
- flashes at rate of 12-15 flashes per minute
- used to identify airport location during bad weather
TACAN sys?
- uses a bearing determing sys to determine aircraft position and distance orm a tacan station

- primary navigation aid
compass calibration pad?
paved area in a magnetically quiet area whenre plane compass is calibrated
lox echange area?
liquid oxygen exchange area

- must be kept foree pf combustibles
whats EDC?
engine driven compressor

- heon engine 2 and 3, heated compreseed air from edc is ducted throught 2 air cycle coolong units into flight stationa dn cabin
components of hydraulic system?
P - pump
A - actuator
R - resivoir
T - tubes
S- selector valve
4 catagories of tie down?
H -heavy weather
I - initial
P - permanet
I - intermediate
6 chatagorises of HM?
F - flamables
A - aerolsosl
T - toxics
C- corosives
O - oxidizers
C - compressed gas
7 missions of patrol planes?
C - CCC(command, control, communication)
M - mob (mobility)
C - C2W (comand and control warfare)
I - INTel
M - MIW mine warfare
A- ASU - anti surface warfare
7 behavior skills in aw training?
D - deciaon making
A - assertivness
M - mission analysis
C - communication
L - leadership
A - adaptability
S - situtational awareness
3 components of engine
P - power section
R - reduction gear
T - torqu meter