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What are the three essential life processes?
growth, repair and reproduction
WHat is the first stage of mitosis? second, third, fourth?
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase
What happens in cytokinesis?
cytoplasm is divided (pinched) in half the cell membrane grows to enclose each cell, forming 2 gentically indentical cells as a result.
What is the stage called that cells remain for 90% of the time?
What is sexual?
the production of offspring combining gentic material from two parents.
DNA is in long threads called __________.
Why do cells divide?
1. Demands place in DNA
2. Efficent movement of nutrients in and out wastes out.
3. reproduction
4. growth/repair
What is cell division?
is the splitting of a single cell into 2 new cells and accounts.
What are the two types of reproduction?
asexual and sexual
What is pinching called in animal cells?
What is Asexual?
the production of offspring by a single parent without combining genes.
bacteria, fungi, plants
When does cytokinesis begin?
when mitosis ends
What is pinching called in plant cells?
cell plate
What is one example of repair?
__________ is crucial for repairing or replacing damaged tissues.
cell division
What is differentiation?
as cells divide changes take place as they develop, like shape and function.
nerve cells, respiratory cells