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The ear is a _____ organ.
Name two things that the ear is responsible for.
2)helps maintain balance
How many tones can the ear discriminate?
more than 300,000 tones
The ear is composed of what 3 regions?
1)external ear
2)middle ear
3)inner ear
Name the parts (4) of the external ear (one of the 3 regions of the ear).
2)external auditory meatus
3)eardrum/tympanic membrane
(part of the external ear) -- visible outside flap of the ear -- external to the head; It functions to capture sound waves as they go past the outer ear.
external auditory meatus
(part of the external ear) -- sound travels down the meatus leading to the eardrum
eardrum/tympanic membrane
(part of the external ear) -- membrane acts as barrier between external and middle ear -- sound waves vibrate off eardrum then travel to middle ear
Means "pertaining to the ear drum."
(part of the external ear) -- ear wax - provides protection for the ear
Name the parts of the middle ear(one of the 3 regions of the ear) (3).
2)oval Window
3)eustachian tube
(part of the middle ear) -- 3 tiny bones conduct sound through the middle ear, the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil) and stapes (stirrup)
One of the three ossicles of the middle ear. Also called the hammer.
One of the three ossicles of the middle ear. Also called the anvil.
One of the three ossicles of the middle ear. It is attached to the oval window leading to the inner ear. Also called the stirrup.
oval window
(part of the middle ear) -- separates the middle ear from the inner ear
eustachian tube
(part of the middle ear) -- tube leading from the middle ear to pharynx,equalizing pressure.
An infection that travels from the pharynx via the eustachian tube is called what?
a middle ear infection, common in children
Name the parts of the inner ear (one of the 3 regions of the ear) (2).
2)organ of corti
(part of the inner ear) -- maze-like series of canals in the inner ear, consists of the vestibule and cochlea
vestibular apparatus
Part of the inner ear responsible for equilibrium. Conditions resulting in loss of balance may arise from this area.
A portion of the labyrinth associated with hearing. It is rolled in the shape of a snail shell. The organs of Corti line the cochlea.