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What is the range for the frequencies
LF 30-300 kHz
HF 3-30 MHz
VHF 30-300 MHz
UHF 300 MHz-3 GHz
SHF 3-30 GHz
EHF 30-300 GHz
Where do you use LF
long range directgion finding
Where do you use HF
mobile and maritime units
Where do you use VHF
aeronautical radio navigation and comms, radar, mobile comm
Where do you use UHF
line of sight comm short range
Where do you use SHF
Where do you use EHF
SATCOMM with anti jam
What is the AN/URT-23-D
HF Transmitter
What is the R-2368-URR
HF receiver
What is the SA-2112
Red patch panel
What is the SB-983
Black patch panel
What is duplex communication
Able to transmit and receive simultaneously
What is simplex communication
Provides a single channel of frequency
What does the UHF/HF relay method permit?
Long range uninterrupted communication during periods of HERO
Describe OTAT
Transmitting key varible over secure comm channel for use by crypto other than device that recieved transfer crypton
Describe OTAR
Transmitting key varible over a secure comm channel for use only by the receiving crypto device
What is the international worldwide SAR voice distress frequency
123.1 MHz
What is the international CW/MCW distress freq
500 kHz
What is the international voice distress freq
2182 Khz
What is the AN/SSQ-88
Quality Monitoring set that contains equipmetn for measuring and analyzing signals sampled by sensors installed in each communications circuit interface
What are the 3 types of satellites used in the Navy
What is an active satellite
Acts as a repeater and amplifies the signal
What is a passive satellite
Reflects the signals back to earth
What is the AN/WSC-3
UHF SATCOM transceiver
T or F
NAVMACS serves as an automated shipboard terminal for interfacing with CUDIXS (shore-based) and the FBS
Why was DAMA developed
To mulitplex serveral subsystems or users on one satellite channel
What is reciprocity
Ability of an antenna to both transmit and receive electromagnetic energy
What is the directivity of an antenna
Width of the readiation beam pattern
What is omnidirectional
When an antenna radiate and receive equally well in all directions except off the ends
What is bidirectional
When an antenna radiate or receive efficiently in only two directions
What is a dummy load
Used to tune a transmitter without causing unwanted radiation
What is another name for a half wave antenna
What is another name for a quarter wave antenna
Marconi antenna which is omnidirectional
What is the most common length of the whip antenna that is used
35 foot
What type of antenna is the AT-150/SRC
UHF antenna
What is the offical name of the egg beater antenna
AS-2815/SSR 1 (used for SATCOMM)
What are the SRA 56-57-58 and what are they used for
Antenna couplers are used to comment one antenna to a transmitter or receiver and electronically tunes the signal to the antenna.
What is the OA-9133
Antenna multicoupler