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Three types of Totalitarianism:
communism, socialism, and fasicim
what is totalitarianism
a type of government with one single leader
Totalitarian leaders in the 20th century include

hint 5
Hitler,Mussolini,Stalin,Sung,and Hussein
key traits of totalitarianism
1. Ideology
2. state control of individuals
3.methods of enforcement
4. modern technology
5.state control of society
6.dictatorship and one party rule
7. dynamic leader
communism an economic system in which
all means of production are owned by the people, private property does not exist and all goods and services are shared equally
Communism is a
classless and stateless society that has a dictatorship that has a one party rule.
Karl Marx called communism
a form of complete socialism.
Glorified himself as the symbol of the nation
Stalin was the dictator of what country
Stalins carrer lasted from
early 1900s-1953
Stalin's popular name-->
man of steel
Stalins goal was to
create a perfect communist state in Russia through totalitarian rule
In 2000, what 5 countries were identified as totalitarian regimes
. Afghanistan
2. Cuba
3. North Korea
4. Laos
5. Vietnam