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2nd Marine Division
Camp Lejeune, NC
3rd Marine Division
Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
Overseas MEU
Okinawa Japan, 31st MEU, deploys to the Western Pacific
1st MEF
Camp Pendleton, CA
2nd MEF
Camp Lejeune, NC
3rd MEF
Camp Courtney, Okinawa Japan
1st Marine Air Wing
MCAS Iwakuni, Okinawa, Japan
2nd Marine Air Wing
MCAS Cherry Point, NC
3rd Marine Air Wing
MCAS Miramar, CA
1st Marine Division
Camp Pendleton, CA
2nd FSSG
Camp Lejeune, NC
3rd FSSG
Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan
Expeditionary Readiness
instituion ready to respond to any event anywhere in the world within 24 hours and can be deployed for up to 30 days within 72 hours
Combined-Arms Operations
MAGTF that has been organized, trained, and equipped to ensure that their ground combat, air combat, and combat service support capabilities would be directed by a single commander
Expeditionary Operations
mind set that ensures that Marines will be prepared for immediate deployment overseas into operating enviroments
Sea-Based Operations
An approprately prepared and equipped combined-arms MAGTF operating from a mobile, protected sea base provides the national command authority with unimpeded and politically unencumbered access to potential trouble spots around the world
Forcible Entry
amphibious assaults, and building up combat power ashore for subsequent operations
Marine Forces Atlantic
Headquartered in Norfolk, VA and is the USMC component to the US Joint forces command(USJFCOM). 2nd Marine Expiditionary force, 45,000 personnel from 2nd marine division, 2nd Force Service Support Group, and 2nd Marine Aircraft wing
Marine forces pacific
Camp Smith, Hawaii. Organized into Marine Air Ground Task Forces(MAGTF). 1st and 3rd Marine Expeditionary Forces
Marine corp Reserve
New Orleans, Louisiana. Provides policy, guidance, direction, and support to 104,000 Reserve Marines. 4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Service Support Group
West coast MEU
Camp Pendleton, CA - 11th, 13th, 15th MEU's, deploys to the Pacific and Persian Gulf
East Coast MEU
Camp Lejeune, NC, 22nd, 24th, 26th MEU, deploys to the Med
What is the peacetime structure of the Marines?
3 combat divisions, 3 aircraft wings, 1 reserve devision, and 1 reserve air wing
1st part of the mission definition
Provide Fleet Marine Forces with combined arms and supporting air components for service with the United States Fleet in the seizure or defense of advanced Naval bases, and for the conduct of such land operations as may be essential to the execution of a Naval campaign.
2nd part of the mission definition
Provide detachments and organizations for service on armed vessels of the Navy and security detcahments for the protection of naval property at naval stations and bases.
5th mission
Develop, in accordance with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, the doctrine, procedures, and equipment for airborne operations.
3rd mission
Develop, in accorddance with the Army, Navy, and Air Force, the doctrine, tactics techniques, adn equipment employed by landing forces in amphibious operations.
4th mission
Provide Marine forces for airborne operations, in coordination with the Army, Navy, Air Force, according to the doctrine established by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
6th mission
Expand peacetime components to meet wartime needs according to the joint mobilization plans.
7th mission
Perform such other duties as the President may direct.
Reserve Integration
augmenting and reinforcing active units with the Marine Reserve in crisis-response missions and ading to combat power for sustained operations
What are the three types of MAGTFs
Marine Expeditionary Brigade(MEB), Marine Expedtionary Force(MEF), Marine Expeditionary Unit(MEU)
Who commands a MEU
Personel and ships in a MEU
1500-3000, 2-4 ships
Self-stainability of MEUs
30 days
Aviations combat Element of MEUs
Marine medium Helicopter Squadron augmented to a composite helicopter squadron
Combat Service Support Element of MEUs
MEU Service Support Group
Personnel and ships of MEB
7000-12000; up to 25 smphibious ships
Personnel and ships of MEF
Self-sustainability of MEB
60 days
self sustainability of MEF
90 days
Ground Combat element of MEB
Regimental landing team
Ground combat element of MEF
Marine division
Aviation Combat element of MEB
Marine Aircraft Group
Aviation Combat element of MEF
Marine Aircraft Wing
Combat Servce Support Element of MEB
Brigade Service Support Group
Combat Service Support Element of MEF
Force Service Support Group
33rd Commandant of Marine Corp
Gen. Michael Hagee
15th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp
Sergeant Major John L. Estrada
First phase of boot camp
4 weeks, intro to Marine history, military customs and coutresies, close combat, close order drill, and intense physical training
Phase 2 of Boot camp
3 weeks, in garrison Marine Corp History, swim qualification and exams
phase 3
4 weeks, basic training on nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, combat shooting skills, and indoc to life in the field
54 hours, culmination of thrid phase, brings all the skills of boot camp together, 70 miles of marching, 30 team building exercises
Where do infintrary marines go after boot camp
Infantry Traiing Battalion
What do non-infantry marines do after boot camp
Marine combat training
what weapons do marines learn to use at Marine Combat Training
M240G, M2, Mk 19, M203, and M249
1st FSSG
Camp Pendleton, CA