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What MMPA Verb contains the What-If Separation.
What is the MMPA line for charity allotments?
What is the MMPA line for dependent allotment?
What MMPA line is the FID AS?
Savings Allotment
What is the MMPA line for goverment indebtedness allotment?
Leave balance FID is?
The HFP CZ leave balance is found in what line of MMPA?
Line BS
The BL line in MMPA is for.
LSL paid to date
MMPA stands for.
The Maste Military Pay Account.
How many groups is an MMPA divided into and what are they?
6 groups. Fixed, Variable Open, Futures, Suspense, Leave and Earning Statement and Closed
There are this many categories in the fixed, variable open and close groups.
14 categories
what are the 14 categories in the fixed, variable open and close groups.
(A) Allotments, (B) Leave Balance, (C) Collections, (D) Deductions, (F) Taxes, (H) Held Pay, (L) Location, (M) Member ID, (N) Memoranda, (P) Payment, (R) Reenlistment, (S) Status, (T) Service Dates, (E)(9) Entitlements.
What is the Action Indicator to START transctions for most Format IDs?
Action Indicator 01
What Action Indicator CLOSES open entries in the MMPA, puts a stop date in the entry and moves it to history
Action Indicator 02
What Action Indicator is used to Report?
Action Indicator 03
What Action Indicator is 04?
What Action Indicator is used to CORRECT erroneous data that is in an MMPA entry?
Action Indicator 05
What Action Indicator completely voids the effect of a transaction that should never have happened?
Action Indicator 06 - CANCEL
What Action Indicators are 07 and 08?
Increase and Decrease (this action indicators can only be used to increase or decrease the amount of an allotment)
What Action Indicator is 09?
INQUIRY - this action indicator cannot cause a change to any entry in the MMPA.
What MMPA Verb is used to look at the 5-Year Tax History?
What MMPA Verb is used for Special Inquiries such as One-Third Calculation or Variable Housing Allowance Calculation?
The MMPA Verb AMF1 contains
The Activity Maste File.
What MMPA Verb is used to view or print the Leave and Earning Statment?
What is the MMPA line for bonds?
The MMPA Verb for Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) Calculation is?
The MMPA Verb JPBM is for
One-Time Pay Authorization Going EFT
The MMPA Verb for Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Calculation is?
The MMPA Verb for DJMS Tables Inquiry is
What Verb of MMPA is used to view the Enlisted Personnel File?
The Verb RPHA is for
EFT Payment Histoy
What verb can you use to find information about a specific Company Code or Transit Routing Number?
What is the Verb RAVC used for?
Travel Advances
What is the MMPA line for SGLI deductions?
What is the MMPA line for the Mongomery GI Bill deductions?
What is the MMPA line for Monetary Punishment?
The line DD is used for
AFRH (Armed Forces Retirement Home)
A DQ indicates a...
Indebtedness for Overpayment of Military Pay/Allowance.
A DS indicates a...
Deduction for Other Type of Indebtedness.
A DV indicates a...
Indebtedness Repay Advance
A DW indicates a...
Indebtedness Resulting from Casual/Partial Pay
What line is used to Verify a member's Social Security Withholding?
The line FH is for...
Madicare Withholding.
This two lines are used for Federal and State taxes withholding.
FJ and FK
Taxable wages that qualify for combat zone tax exclusion can be found in this line.
Line HG
Pay Held Garnishment
Line HH
Forfeiture - Pending
Line HM
Split Pay Option
Line HY
Pay Held Released
Line LB
Paying ADSN
Line LC
Servicing ADSN
Line LF
Member Future Mail Address
Line LG
PACIDIN/UIC Location/Command Identify
Line LH
Bank Designation or Change Payment Option
Line LK
Payment Option
Line NL
LES Remarks
Line PA
Advance Pay
Line PF
Pay Held
Line PH
Regular EOM Pay
Line PK
Partial Pay
Line PL
Selective Reenlisment Bonus (SRB)
Line PN
Regular Mid-Month Pay
Line PQ
Separation Pay
Line PU
Current Month Regular Pay
Line PW
Nuclear Bonuses
Pay Regular/1-Time Delinquent Posting
Line PX
Line P3
Pay Computation Factors, Current Month
Pay Computation Factors, Next Month
Line P4
Line P7
Amount Total Entitlement to Allotments
Line P8
Refunds Allotments
Line P9
Refunds Other (ie. taxes)
Line R5
Regular Reenlistment Bonus/Last Enlistment
Line R7
Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)
Line R8
Selective Enlistment Bonus (SEB)
On Station
Line SA