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What 3 areas should you
look for when assess your
workers performance?
1. attitude, knowledge, work habits
2. popularity, work habit, attitude
3. rank, knowledge, attitude
4. knowledge, rank, appearance
1. attitude
work habits
What is used to maintain
an inventory of people
available on a command?
1. muster sheet
2. PRD
4. CO call
What does EDVR stand for?
1. enlisted developement verification report
2. equal division variations report
3. even division verification report
4. enlisted distribution verifcation report
4. Enlisted distribution
verification report
What is a computer printout
of the number of personnel
in each rate aboard a
1. muster sheet
2. PRD
4. CO call
What provides a chronological
record of significant miscellaneous entries not
provided on other pages of service record?
1. pg 1
2. pg 2
3. pg 13
4. all info on the right side of a service record
3. page 13
You can recommend
subordinates with how
many different types
of recognition?
1. 1
2. 3
3. 5
4. no limit
3. 5
What are the different types
of recognition you can recommend subordinates?
1. sailor qtr, LOA, LOC, NAM
Meritourious advancement
2. report chit, emi, extra duty, extended working hours
3. early liberty, extended leave, special liberty, no duty status, extra pay
4. all of the above
1. sailor of the qtr
LOA Meritourious
LOC Advancement
Authority falls under what
2 categories?
1. admin and discipline
2. chiefs and petty officers s
3. general and organizational
4. officers and chiefs
3. general
What are the 2 types of naval messages?
1. general and routine
2. naval and routine correspondence
3. flash and immediate
4 all of the above
2. naval message
routine naval correspondence
All message directives are automatically canceled after how many days?
1. 30
2. 60
3. 90
4. never
3. 90 days