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the property of inductance offers opposition to which of the following quantites
constatn current
what is the symbol for inductance
what is the unit of measurement of inductance
if 9 volts are inducded in a conductor when the current changes by 4.5 amperes in one second what is the total inductance of the cicruit
40.0 henries
what physical property is similar to inductance?
the difference in potential across a resistor, created by an current through the resistor is an example of which force?
when a magnetic field moves through a stationary conductor the elecotrons in orbit are affected in what manner
they are dislodged from orbit
self-enduced EMF is also known as what force?
counter electromotive force
according to Lenz law, the induced EMF produced by a change in current in an inducteive circuit tends to have what affect on current?
it opposes eihter a rise or fall in current.
the direction of induced voltage in an inductor may be found by the application of which rule?
left hand rule for generators
left hand rule of generators states that the thumb points in the direction of what?
when the voltage is removed from a current carrying conductor a volage wil be induced by what?
the collasping magnetic field.
how are conductors classified by?
core type
normally most coils have cores composed of either air or?
soft iron.
when the number fo turns is increased from 2 to 4 the total inductance will increase by a foactor of
if the radius of a coil is doubled the inductance is increased by a factor of what?
what is the folrmula for copper loss
inductors experience copper loss for what reason?
beacuse all inductors have resistance which will dissipates power
what erm applies to the power loss in the iron core inductor due to the current inducted in the core?
eddy-current loss
pwer consumced bu an iron core inductor in reversing the magnetic field of the core is termed as what tupe of loss?
when does mutual inductance occurs between inductors?
whenever the flux of one inductor causes an EMF to be inducted in another inductor
mutual inductance occurs between two coils is affected by what factor
the physical demensions of the coils.
the co-effiecient of coupling between two coils is a measure fo what factor
the magnetic flux ratio linking the coils.