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How are fighters typically subdivided?
Their primary mission
What is multi-role
Those that are equally capable in A/A and A/G
What are some of the characteristics of First generation aircraft?
1. Subsonic airspeeds
2. No AI radar
3. Rear Aspect AAM and guns only
4. MiG 15 and MiG 17
What are some of the characterisitcs of Second Generation aircraft?
1. Supersonic Speeds
2. Look up only AI radar
3. Limited forward aspect capaility
4. MiG 19 and MiG 21
What are some of the characterisitcs of Third Generation aircraft?
1. Supersonic
2. Limited look down AI radar
3. Improved all aspect AAMs
4. MiG 23 and MiG 25
What are some of the characterisitcs of Fourth Generation aircraft?
1. Supersonic- superior engine thrust
2. Look down/ shoot down capable Ai radar
3. Advanced all-aspect AAMs
4. MiG 29, Su-27, F-15, F-16
What are some of the characterisitcs of Fifth Generation aircraft?
1. Supercruise/ high efficiency capable engines
2. Low observable technology
3. Advanced all aspect AAMs
4, F22, Eurofighter, Su 37
What are inceptor aircraft designed to do?
To engage and destroy inbound enemy aircraft at or near the country's border
What are air superiority fighters role?
to fight and destroy other fighter aircraft one on one
What are A/G fighters designed for?
To attack and destroy ground targets
What kind of weapons are used by A/G fighters?
unguided (dumb)bombs, precision guided bomb, cluster (submunition)bombs, unguided /g Rockets, guided AGM, radar hunting antiradiation missiles (ARM), and general purpose (GP) or high velocity cannon