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Your general authority as a Petty Officer stems from what?
1037 of the Us Navy Regulations
Authority of Warrant Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Petty Officers comes from what article of the US Navy Regs
Article 1037
What article deals with the exercise of authority?
Article 1020
What article deals with the Compliance of lawful orders?
Article 1132
Aricle 1020 gives you what right as a Petty Officer?
The right to exercise authority over all persons subordinate to you.
A command's organizational structure comes from?
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy, OPNAVINST 3120.32
Which articles of the US Navy Regs grant
officers, warrant officers and petty officers the authority needed to perform their duties?
Articles 1020 and 1037
Article 1132 of the US Navy Regs deals with what?
Obeying lawful orders.
What article addreses abusive language and errtic behavior?
Article 1023.
Delegation should never be made?
Beyond the lowest level.
What does article 15 of the UCMJ deal with?
Commanding officer's non judicial punishment.
What is EMI?
EMI is a type of military duty used to correct a deficieny of an individual.
EMI is approved by?
The Manual for Courts Martial and outlined in the Judge Advocate General.
How long can EMI be assinged for?
No longer than two hours per day.
When is EMI not to be conducted?
On a member's Sabbath.
The authority to assign EMI rests with?
The Commanding Officer.
The authority of EMI may be delegated to?
CPO's (E-7).
What is OPNAVINST 3120.32?
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy. (SORM)
The UCMJ is an appendix of what maual?
The manual for Courts Martial.
What is the NAVPERS 1626/7 ?
Report of Disposititon and Offence. (Report Chit)
What is article 31 of the UCMJ?
Compulsory Self Incrimination Prohibited. (preservation of the accused's rights.)
What is article 1150 of the Navy Regs?
If a member feels that they have been wronged the may report it to the proper authority.
What is the the JAG 5800.7
The manual for the Judge Advocate General.
Article 16 of the UCMJ deals with?
Courts Martial.
How many types of Courts Martial are there?
Three. Special, General and Summary.
A Summary Courts Martial consists of? (SCM)
One Commissioned Officer
A Special Courts Martial consists of? (SPCM)
Not less than three members.
A General Courts Martial consists of? (GCM)
A military judge and not less than 5 members.
What is the NAVPERS 15665?
The United States Navy Uniform Regulations.
What is the DOD Directive 1338.18
Armed Forces Clothing Monetary Allowance Policy and Procedures
Uniforms are stenciled with?
The members last name and last 4.
Stencil letters shall be?
1/2 inch high and blocked.
Navy coveralls shall be stenciled?
3/4 of an inch high and blocked.
The term insigna includes?
Cloth and rating badges.
Chevrons for men measure?
3 1/4 inches wide.
Chevrons for women measure?
2 1/2 inches wide.
What is the difference in mens and womens rating badges?
3/4 of an inch.
Collar devices are worn how many inches from the front and lower edges?
1 inch.
Ball cap insignas are worn?
1 1/4 inches above the visor.
Hair for men will be tapered?
3/4 of an inch.
Hair for men will be no longer than?
4 inches.