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4)"If domestic fuel prices rise to $5 per gallon, economic growth will slow significantly and our quality of life will decline." This
philosophy is consistent with the view of _______ economics.
5)Which of the following is an assumption of neoclassical economics?
A)All citizens deserve just and equal treatment
B)Growth is good
C)External costs and benefits have value and need to be considered
D)Resources are finite
E)Long-term effects are important
6)New Guinea is home to roughly _______ varieties of the bird-of-paradise?
7)"To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering" is a famous line by:
Aldo Leopold
8)Aldo Leopold's "Land Ethic" essay describes _______.
individuals as members of a community of interdependent parts
The first laws in U.S. environmental policy _______.
Were intended to promote settlement in the west
Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring, published in the 1960s, _______.
focused on chemical pollutants, specifically DDT
To control pollution, industry has been given limits by government and been threatened with punishment if these limits are
violated. This approach is called _______.
command and control
_______ is defined as the number of protons of an atom.
atomic number
Hypoxia is low levels of dissolved ____
Individuals of a single species fighting over access to a limited resource is an example of _______.
intraspecific competition
What is an R and K-selected organism?
R- produce large numbers of offspring

K- produce small numbers of offspring
_______ capture solar energy and use photosynthesis to produce sugars.
What is the approximate residence time of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
150 years
BMP4 is a(n) _______ associated with beak and jaw growth.
Secondary plant succession _______.
occurs after a fire, flood, or clear-out
______ argued that ecological communities are temporary associations of individual species that can reassemble themselves
into different combinations.
Henry Gleason
Boreal forest (taiga) and tundra biomes both _______.
relatively low temperatures throughout the year
The female choice of a highly ornamented male with which to mate is termed:
sexual selection
The rate at which biomass becomes available to consumers is termed _______.
net primary productivity
The largest reservoirs for carbon in the carbon cycle is____.
sedimentary rock and fossil fuels