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what is real?
nature of reality
concentrates of theology, creation, evolution and free will
ethics-what is right and what is wrong, nature of values, aesthetics, what is beauty and what is ugly
nature of knowledge, how does one learn, what is most important, what are goals of knowledge
ideas are reality and the environment is subject to chage, need to search for the truth, looks at both sides of an issue, lecture develop mind, realize one's own pace, students encouraged to imitate their admirable works, guide higher concepts of past
truth is unchanging, use of senses to learn and establish truths, need to have students obey, comply with authority and learn rules of conduct and decorum, promote an atmosphere where goals can be achieved, need for read, writ, math, and sci, hist and for lang.
rational acts determine the good thing to do and creativity helps us figure out what truly makes us unique and different, need to drill students and use memorization, discipline and control of behavior, incorporates god
need for new ideas and altering own thoughts,progressive:social experiences, reconstructionist:current issues and involvement in social aspects, engage in ideas that help society become better
present existence than earlier beliefs, believe in freedom, ppl find new ways to teach and learn, like personal and challenging kinds of lecturing or instruction like dialogue or probing questions
ideas against the materialistic and capitalistic class due to industrializat, material controls class structure and makes labor offering the only thing in demand, school seems to further interests of those in favor of dominant class, schooling should be for the working class, need to make schools focused on becoming productive in labor and academic learning
use of positive stimuli to chagne behavior and loss of old stimuli by selective process, using tests and certain management
need to recognize women's roles in issues and interests in society, education, against essentialism where women supposedly are subservient and weak but the fact that they should are morally and intellectually equal to men, education designed equally to males
scientific knowledge based-verified and proven(teacher proof), empirical proof using senses, control of humans using these science that everything can be controlled and understood like a science expt, knowledge is measurable(IQ), constant state and really can be broken up into parts, limited methods and knowable so that everything is easy and quick to figure out by our everyday instruments, implying the end of research when there are still more info since it changes, unbiased knowledge b/c it is scientific but the thing is power infl how we learn by defining what we see in our eyes thereby being objective(need to encourage other questions and challenges), blindly accepting ideas(teachers, i mean), memory game and desire to please teacher and students with no real reason for interpretation