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One god religion
Same god as Jews and christians
The profet for muslum. 612 mahammad begins to reseave revelations. This upset rulers in Sauid Arabia. Mahammad leaes for mohma.
What are the 5 pillars od Islam?
Faith- Declear your faith.There is one god Ala and mahammas is his profet.
Pray- Pray five times per day facing mecka.
Charity- Give Alms to the needy.
Fasting- Declear faith fast during the month of ramadon.
Piligramage- The holy journey. pilgramage to mecka once or more in a lifetime. Best to do during Ramadan.
What are the Holiest cities of Islam? Why?
1] Mecka- Mahammads hometown- Holy sights are here. Also, Were he 1st reacived gods words.2] Madina Saudi Arabi- Adopted home townto conceive gods word.
3] Jurulesum, Isreal-Kings temple. Mhammad's soul rose to heaven here.
What is the sixth pillar? why?
jihad. Because it relates to the war and is the understanding of the faith of holy war against those who press against.
Crusades us involvent in middle meast conflicts
Islamic Fundamentalism
What caused Islamic Fundamentalism to come about?
We helped middle eastern contrys fight wars.
What two groups claim disputes Middle Rastern land is there own?
What is the current day name of the country? What was it called before 1948?
Isreal. It was called Palastein before then.
What did Zionisrs want?
Zionists wanr a home land for jews.
Who traditionally supported Zionists claim's?
They were supported by the US and Great Britian.
What did the Balfour Declaration declear?
That Jews need a home land in Plistein. Muselums living there is okay too.
Why was the declaration significant?
Because great britian suppoted and decleared it.
What was happening in the world in the 1930's and 1940's that further strengthened Zionism?
Hollacost made much of the world for hollacost Jews.
How did the Zionists end up receving what they wanted?
Process Untited Nations grants jews a home land in 1948.
What was regional Arab's response to this devenopment?
They decleared war.
War declreared on Isreal because of its new neighbor.
How does U.S. fit into Arabs respones?
The US helps Isreal by giving them money and weapons.
Why did most Palestinians flee their Homes after these events? Were do you think they went?
Because they were afraid for there lives.
What are the names of the 4 peices of land taken?
Casma strip, West bank, Pennisla, gobn
Who led the PLO organization?
Yarus Actacts
What tactics did they intially employ to gain their cause?
Start temploy terists activities like bombing buildings, high actions and air planes.
What organization started up the refugee camps as resistance to the plight of the Palestinian people?
PLO acronym orginization.
What was so significant about the 1979 Camp David Peace Accords?
Arab nations want to make peace with Isreal. Egypt makes peace with Isreal.
What was so significant about the 1993 Oslo Accords? What did it call for??
It marketed the first treaty a palistein
Suicide bombers. How do they do it?
Attach a bomb to themselves and blow themselves and others aroound up and kill them.
How does Isreal attempt to protect itself better from these suicide attacks?
Built a wall
Why doies this cause a problem as dar as Palesrinians Are concerned?
Time consuming. Cuts of jerusulem.
What happened to Yasser Arafat in the spring of 2005?
He died of a stroke.
In the late summer of 2005 Sharon and Isreal Take what action as it relates to the gaza Strip?
Sharon orders exacuaction of all israli solders.
In the summer of 2005 Sharon and isreal take what action as it relates to the west bank?
4 settlements
What happened to Ariel Sharon in January 2006?
In a hospital from a stroke.
In late Jan. of 2006. what is tyhe result of the Paleistinians' elections?
In the west bank, Mass won the election terrists orginization has a
Why is this not seen as verry promising to prospects for future peace in area?
Isralles refuse to talk to lammas.
What is the official stance of the isralei Govt.?
Dont nigotate with lammas.