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name the 5 medically important zoonotic gram neg rods?
Which zoonotic organisms are facultative intracellular organisms?
Franciscella, Brucella and Yersinia
Describe the morphology of Yersinia pestis?
Non-motile, bipolar staining pleomorphic Gram neg coccobacillus,.
What diseases does Y. pestis cause?
Bubonic plague
septicemic plague
pneumonic plague
How is Y. pestis typically transmitted?
Rat flea bite/contact with infected animal or via respiratory aerosols(pneumonic plague).
What are the important animal reservoirs for Y. pestis?
rats and prarie dogs(US)
How virulent is Y. pestis?
Extremely. 1-10 organisms can cause disease.
name the important virulence factors for Y. pestis.
F1 envelope antigen
V antigen
W antigen
What is the purpose of the F1 envelope antigen?
Inhibits phagocytosis and allows Y. pestis to survive intracellularly in the lymph nodes causing necrosis and bubboes.
What is the progression of disease in a person infected with Y. pestis?
Initially lymph nodes will swell and become erythematous, warm and painful(buboes). Then fever and myalgia begin. Next, lung infection(pneumonic form) is virtually fatal and sepsis may occur.
Why is the black plague referred to as the "Black death".
Cutaneous hemorrhage and DIC cause a black discoloration.
How is Y. pestis treated/
Streptomycin, gentamicin or doxycycline.
What type of vaccine against Y. pestis is available?
A killed whole cell vaccine protects against bubonic plague and not pneumonic plague.
How is Yersinia enterocolitica transmitted to humans and what does it cause?
Consumption of contaminated meat, animal feces and unpasteurized milk leads to enterocolitis(fever and bloody diarrhea) similar to salmonella and Shigella infections.
Y. enterocolitica infection is often confused with what condition?
Appendicitis. Y. enterocolitica causes mesenteric adenitis(focal ulcerations in the ileum with swelling of the mesenteric lymphnodes, presenting with fever, right lower quadrant pain and leukocytosis.
How is Y. enterocolitica treated?
Fluoroquinolones or TMP-SMX. It is resistant to cephalosporins.