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How are distilled liquors produced in comparison to wine?
Wines are the product of alcohol fermentation on fruit sugars by the yeast Sacchromyces.
To prepare a distilled liquor. the alcohol is heated and drawn off as fumes, which are then condensed to yield the liquor.
How is brandy prepared?
It is prepared from numerous kinds of fruit juices(apple, peach, blackberry and cherry), while whiskey is produced from corn, rye, barley.
How is rum and vodka prepared?
Rum is prepared from molasses, and neutral spirits such as gin and vodka result from the fermentation of potatoes.
Is sake like wine?
Although it is considered a wine, it is more like beer because it is produced from a grain(rice) rather than from a fruit. The mold Aspergillus oryzae is used for sake production.
How is beer produced?
In beer, fermentations, carbohydrates are obtained from starchy food materials such as barley grains.
The starch is hydrolyzed naturally during the malting process to break down the polysaccharides into the disaccharide maltose. Amylase hydrolyzes the starch to maltose. The malted barley is then allowed to remain for further digestion to produce wort, which is pasteurized. Hops are added, and the yeast Sacchromyces cerevisiae is added. Fermentation takes about 15 days and the beer is aged for about 6 months.
How is wine prepared?
The fermentation of carbohydrates by yeast to produce ethyl alcohol is used primarily in the alcoholic beverage industry.
The production of wine begins with the extraction of fruit juices. sacchromyces cerevisiae is inoculated to the fermentation vat.
What is meant by a dry wine?
In wine production, the fermentation is allowed to proceed until most of the sugar has been used up, in which case a dry wine is produced.
if the fermentation is halted before all the sugar has been fermented, a sweet wine results.
A sparkling wine is the result, when the fermentation is allowed to continue in the bottle and additional carbon dioxide gas forms.