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microbial death
irreversiable loss of ability to multiply under any known condition
the complete killing or removely of all microorganisms from a particular location
the killing of potential harmful microorganisms by the use of chemicals
disinfect midly used in and on the body
name the methods of sterilization
heat, UV light, ionizing, gas, and filteration
what are the 3 types of heat
incineration, dry heat, moist heat
name the disinfects in order of most sensitive to resistent
enveloped virus, gram (+)bacteria, naked virus, fungi, gram(-)bacteria, active protozoa, mycobacteria, bacterial spores
name the types of disinfects
alcohol, halogens, phenol, alkylating agents, and surfactants
name the 2 types of halogens
iodine and chlorine
name the 2 types of alkylating agents
glutaraldehyde and chlorhexidene
name the 2 types of surfactants
anionic detergents and cationic detergents
strain or clone
a population of cells that are genetically identical
all the genes that are present in all cell or virus
what did Fred Griffith do?
did the 1st experiment in genetic transfer
did the same experiment as Fred Griffith but did his alittle diff.
what did Watson and Crick
determined the structure of DNA
know the 3 types of RNA that is produced
messenger RNA, transferRNA, ribosomal RNA
the cause of mutation
spontaneous mutation and induced mutation
spontaneous mutation
is caused naturally
induced mutation
casued by chemical or physical agents (mutagens)
what are the physical agents of mutation
uv light and radition
what are the chemical agents fo mutation
intercalating agents, base modifiers, and base analogs