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What is a mordant?
Substance used to set dyes in staining
In the gram stain what is iodine used as?
What is the mordant used in the gram stain?
What is the site where photosynthesis occurs in bacteria?
These are found in bacteria but are not known to contribute to its existence.
These are artifacts found in bacteria which are thought to be created by science.
Lipid A is found in these types of bacteria
Gram -
This holds the polysaccharide to the outer membrane of Gram (-) bacteria.
Lipid A
Phosphate alcohol found in the cell wall of some Gram (+) cocci contain these to stabilize the cell wall.
Teichoic acid
These antibiotics can be used to treat Gram (+) bacteria
penicillin, sulfonilamide
Thse antibiotics can be used to treat Gram (-) bacteria
neomycin, streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol
A gram (+) bacteria will stain this color.
A gram (-) bacteria will stain this color.
This is used as a decolorizer in the acid-fast stain.
Acid alcohol
This is used as a decolorizer in the gram stain.
This is used as the primary stain in the acid-fast stain.
basic carbolfuchsin
This is used as the primary stain in the gram stain.
crystal violet
This is used as a counterstain in the endospore stain.
This is used as the primary stain in the endospore stain.
Malachite green
Acid-fast (+) bacteria will stain this color.
Acid-fast (-) bacteria will stain this color.
This compound is a waxy lipid which holds the acid-fast stain.
Myolic acid
These are used for negative staining and they are basic/acidic?
India ink, nigrosin
This is used as the counterstain in the gram stain.
These store phosphate to make DNA and ATP.
metachromatic granules
This is one of the most common lipid inclusion energy reserve stored in prokaryotes.
poly-beta-hydroxybutyric (PBH)
This is the site where photosynthesis occurs in plants.
These parts of bacteria are made of proteins and act to send genetic material to other bacteria.
These are found in spirochetes which allow the cell to move well in highly viscous fluids.
axial filaments
These are long proteins for bacteria to attach to things.
These are protein molecules permanently attached to the biological membrane of an organism.
integral protein
These bacteria have 2 spools on the flagella.
Gram (-)
These bacteria have 1 spool on the flagella.
Gram (+)
This is a less virulent form of an infectious agent and usually administered for vaccines.
These hold the NAM-NAG chains horizontally.
peptide cross-bridges
These hold the NAM-NAG chains vertically
peptide sidechains
This is the part of a molecule that is responsible for its color.
This person was the beginning of chemotherapy by finding salvarsan to kill treponema pallidum.
Paul Ehrlich
This person conducted the first vaccination with a smallpox vaccine.
This person found guidelines to determine that a specific microorganism caused a certain disease.
This person discovered why death rates were so high in maternity by finding the causitive agent of puerperal, child birth fever.
This person helped microscopy by examining cork.
This person is known as the father of microbiology. He disproved spontaneous generation and saved the silk and wine industry.
This person was the first to see microorganisms with a lens. He looked at sperm and found them to be tadpole-like.
This person recognized airborne microorganisms in post-surgical infections and used carbolic acid to remedy this.
This bacteria is used to make sourdough bread.
These stains are basic
Methylene blue
Crystal violet
These stains are acidic
India ink, nigrosin
Acidic stains are good for this kind of staining
negative stains