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Which fungi strains cause granuloma formation?
Histo, Blasto, Cocci
Which fungi strains cause granuloma with caseation?
Cocci, Histo

"Cheese Hamburger"
Fungi strains that cause mixed pyogenic/granuloma?
Sporo, Blasto, Cocci

"SBC" when they are making pus and forming granulomas.
Fungi Strains that are Pyogenic?
Candida, Asperigillus

i want some snickers PY from CA!
Fungus related to Malt workers lung and Maple (strippers) lung?

there's STRIPPERS and BEER drinkers on ASPen hill.
Fungi related to Sequoiosis?

think of an "aura" over a sequoia tree.
Fungi related to Suberosis, or Cheese-washers lung?

think of tameka s. drinking some penicillin, and eating cheese.
Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis occurs mostly in farmers in cold damp climates. What's the common season of occurence? and most likely source of infection?
Late winter, early spring. Farmers are pitching moldy hay. Most of them are non-smokers
Commercial market of mushrooms dominated by what fungus?
Agaricus campestris

think of a mushroom camp at uc davis' "ag" campus.
What is the death cap mushroom, and what is it's toxin/it's mechanism of action?
Amanita phalloides

Toxin: alpha amantin - inhibits RNA pol II.

95% of North American mushroom related fatalities.
True/false: Alpha amantin is vulnerable to heat, and is water soluble.
False. It is heat stable, and water INsoluble.

Think of when you boil mushrooms, they surive the heat - and they don't dissolve in the pot =)
Stages of Amanita Phalloides poisoning?
I: watery diarrhea with vomiting 6-24 hours after exposure

II: quiescent

III: 3-6 days after ingestion - acute hepatic & renal failure with 50-90% mortality.
Ergot alkaloids are produced by what fungus?
Claviceps purpurea

think of a purple robot with a claws called claviceps (robot sort of rhymes with ergot - hey, it makes me remember it, okay)
What food substance does Claviceps purpurea infect and what does it convert it to?
Infects grain, especially rye.

Turns rye seed into a sclerotium - made of mostly fungus.
Main pathology of ergot alkaloids?
Intense peripheral vasoconstriction leading to gangrene.

think of the "purple robot with the claviceps" pinching on someone's leg until it dies and gets gangrene.
Aflatoxins are produced by what fungus?
Aspergillus fumigatus

think of ben affleck farting - his "ASs" is "FUMing"
What does aflatoxin do?
Coumarin derivatives - lead to hemorrhage and liver necrosis.

Caused Turkey X disease in 60's.

Can be found in peanut butter! highly carcinogenic
What are mycotoxins, ad what fungus produces them?
Cause alimentary toxic aleukia from eating cereal grain.

Fusarium sporotrichoides grows on them and produces toxin.
What is the toxin produced by Fusarium sporotrichoides? Clinical manifestations of toxin?
Trichothecen toxin (T-2) - sometimes manufactured and used as bio warfare "yellow rain". Very potent via aerosol route. Produces: N/V, hypotension, burns on exposed skin, coagulopathy.

Clinical manifestations: leukopenia/mucositis.
Name 3 host defenses of skin from fungal infection.
Fatty acid content

Epithelial turnover - continuous sloughing

normal bacteria flora
Describe Superficial infections.
Limited to the outermost layers of the skin or hair, only rarely elicit an inflammatory response because they colonize non-living structures.
Superficial Mycoses skin infections are limited to ?
Outermost layer of the stratum corneum.
Superficial Mycoses - Skin

Pityriasis versicolor is caused by what fungus?
Malassezia furfur - a lipophilic yeast.
Found in the normal skin flora, and in areas rich with sebaceous glands?
M. furfur - causes pityriasis versicolo
Hyper or hypopigmented lesions on upper torso, arms and abdomen (light if skin is dark, and vice versa). Have a dry, chalky appearance.
Malassezia furfur
Pityriasis versicolor is likely to occur in???
tropics, athletes, and renal transplant patients
T/F. M. furfur can also cause a folliculitis with erythematous papules and pustules on the upper trunk.
KOH diagnosis: spaghetti and meatballs.
Malassezia furfur.
KOH stain: darkly pigmented yeast like cells and hyphal fragments.
Tinea Nigra.