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mammary glands are derived from?
more than two breasts
extra nipples
what kind of glands are the breasts?
modified apocrine sweat glands
development of enlarged breast in males
gynecomastia (seen in klienfelters)
how many glandular subunits does each breast contain roughly?
what are the fibrous bands of CT that radiate out from the nipple? what kind of CT
suspensory ligaments of cooper, dense CT
describe a lactiferous duct
opens onto the nipple from each lobe, stratified cuboidal, stratified squamous at actual opening of skin, myoepithelial cells between rpithelium and basement membrane
classify the breast gland
compound tubuloalveolar
produce elevations in the area of the nipple, between apocrine -sweat and mammary glands instructure
glands of montgomery
what kinds of glands does the areola contain?
sweat and sebaceous
dilated portion of each lactiferous duct in the nipple just beneath the areola
lactiferous sinus
lead to lobules, simple cuboidal to columnar, myoepithelial present
terminal duct
what causes the secretory part of the breast glands to proliferate?
estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy
describe intralobular vs interlobular CT
inter - dense irregular, fibroelastic
intra - loose ct
inactive breast gland
describe: ducts, glandular component, alveoli,
lots of ducts, little glandular component, little or no secretory alveoli
Proliferating breast(pregnancy)
branching of ducts, development of alveoli, lobules enlarge, see lymphocytes plasma cells and eosinophils
what causes breast glands to proliferate?
estrogen (pregnancy)
Lactating gland
decrease lymphoid elements in ct, lipids, reduction of intralobular CT,
alkaline yellowish secretiob secreted immediatley after birth
what does true milk have that colostrum doesn't
higher in prot, vit a, sodium chloride, high levels of Ab, lower in carbs lipid and potassium
milk production and secretion stimulated by?
merocrine secretion of what milk products
protein, the electron dense particles in alveolar lumen in EM
see RER, golgi and secretory vesicles
apocrine secretion of what milk products
milk ejection reflex is stimulated by what two limbs
afferent neural limb - suckling
efferent hormonal limb - prolactin/oxytocin
what does prolactin suppress to bring about lactational ammhenorea?
where is prolactin released? oxytocin?
prolactin - ant. pit
oxytocin - post. pit.
when does degeneration of alveoli begin?
40 years