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What are cytokines (in general)?
Regulatory proteins secreted by WBCs and other cells.
What happens when cytokines bind their receptors?
Specific sets of Cellular kinases are activated, and then nuclear transcription factors.
TNF principal cell sources:
-T cells
What does TNF do?
-Activates ECs and PMNs
-Causes fever in hypothalamus
-Promotes liver prodn of APRs
-Causes apoptosis
What is cachexia?
Muscle and fat catabolism
What are the main sources of IL-1?
What does IL-1 do?
-Activates endothelial cells
-Liver synth of APRs
What cells are the sources of Chemokines?
-T lymphocytes
What do Chemokines accomplish?
Leukocyte chemotaxis and activation
What cells produce IL-12?
-Dendritic cells
What does IL-12 do?
-Activates NK cells and T cells to make IFN-y and lyse cells
-Makes T cells differentiate into TH1 cells
What cells make IFN-y?
-NK cells
-T cells
What does IFN-y do?
Activates macrophages to kill ingested microbes
What are the type I IFNs?
What cells make IFN-a?
What cells make IFN-B?
What is the principal effect of IFN-a or B?
An antivral state in all cells via increased Class I MHC expression
What other cell can be activated by IFN-a or IFN-B?
NK cells
What cells produce IL-10?
-TH2 cells
What cells are the target of IL-10? What is its effect?
Macrophages - reduces IL-12 production, costimulator expression, and Class II MHC expression.
What cells make IL-6?
-Endothelial cells
-T cells
What are the principal targets and effects of IL-6?
Liver: make APRs
B cells: increased proliferation of Ab-producing cells
What makes IL-15?
What does IL-15 do?
Causes NK and T cell proliferation
What cells make IL-18?
What does IL-18 do?
Causes IFN-y synthesis in NK and T cells