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chemotherapy is
the use of drugs (synthetic or natural) to treat a disease.
antimicrobial drugs
interfere w growth of microbes w/in a host
substance produced by a microbe in small amounts-inhibits another microbe
selective toxicity
killing harmful microbes w/o host damage
Florey and Chain first clinical trials of penicillin
Penicillin works how?
interferes w making cell walls
pcr stands for ...
polymerase chain reaction
PCR ...
makes multiple copies of a piece of a DNA-- enzymatically clone DNA for recombination. Amplifies DNA to detecable levels
recombinant DNA
inserting foreign DNA into cells
DNA can be inserted into a cell in five ways? What are they?
1) transformation changing cell wall/membrane to accept DNA 2) electroporation-uses electricity 3) protoplast fusion 4) gene gun 5) microinjection (invitro fertilization uses this) insert directly into the cell.
Where do I get cloned DNA?
Gene libraries are made of DNA fragments stored in plasmids or phages
cDNA (complementary DNA) is made from...
mRNA by reverse transcriptase