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Overall goal of scheduling
to establish the timing of the use of specific resources of that organization.
Benefits of scheduling
can yield cost savings and increses in productivity
Key aspects of scheduling high volume systems.
flow systems: high vol system with standardized equipment and activities.
Flow-shop scheduling: scheduling for high volume flow system.
Key aspects of intermediate volume systems
outputs are b/w standardized high vol systems and made to order shops.
Economic run size
3 basic issues of intermidiate volume systems
run size, timing , sequence of jobs
two basic issues in low volume systems
How is gantt chart used in low volume systems?
used as a visual aid for loading and scheduling
Explain "loading"
assignment of jobs to process centers
define work station
an area where one person works usually with special equipment on a specialized job.
define priority rules
simple heuristics used to select the orderin which jobs will be processed
define job time
time needed for setup and processing of a job.
Define FCFS
first come first serve