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how you feel about change
how you view the change
people and resources that can be of assistance
steps taken to engage change
coping strategies
fear, self-interest, habit
resistance to change
uniformed optimism, informed pessimism, informed optimism, completion, hopeful realism
positive reasons for change
actions of ppl
extraversion, agreeablenes, emotional stability, conscientiousness, openness to experience
the big five personality dimensions
most strongly correlated to job performance
commonly used personality trait test
4 dimensions of MBTI
social interaction. preference for gathering dat, preference for decision making, style of making decisions
identifies the degree to which people are capible of reading and using the cues from the environment to determine behavior
self monitoring scale
set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of an organization
strategic management process
what are the 3 types of organizational strategies
corporate-determines what business you should be in
business-how to determine should compete in business
functional- how to support the business level strategy
enviromental screening
screening of large amounts of info to anticipate changes in environment
2 types of forecasting
Quantitative-applies data
Qualitative-uses jusdgement
search for the best practices among competitiors that lead to best performance
6 elements of org design
work specialization-tasks are divided into seperate jobs
basis on which jobs are grouped
line of authority
chain of command
# of employees a manager can supervise effectively
span of control
who, where, and how decisions are made in orgs
degree to which jobs are satndardized and the extent to which employee behavior is guided
4 contingency variables
org size, strategy, technology, environmental uncertainty
4 major forms of communication
control motivation, emotional expression, informatoin
the deliberate manipulation of info to make it appear more favorable
from manager to employees
downward communication
from employees to manager
upward comm.
among employees on the same level
lateral commm.