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The unethical (but not always illegal) practice of record promoters paying deejays or radio programmers to favor particular songs over others. When permitted it helped large record labels to promote new records and become hits.
The transmission of radio waves or TV signals to broad public audiences
The kind of person to person communication that was possible via the telegraph and the telephone. Any specialized electronic programming or media channel aimed at a target audience.
Format radio
The concept of radio station develping and paying specific styles (or formats) geared to listeners' age, race, or gender in format radio management, rather than deejays, controled programming choices. Formual-driven radio
Cable Network
broadcast station that have put a signal on a stellite so it can be picked up anywhere. Ted turner is the first person to discover this pissibility. They do not have affiliates and distribute via cable provider.
independently owned stations that sign contracts with networks and carry its programs. These networks recieve money to carry to carry the networks programs, in exchange, the networks reserve time slots, which it sells to national advertiserts
Independent Station
A TV station such as WGN in Chicago or WTS in Atlanta that finds its own original and syndicated programming and is not affiliated with any of the major netwrks. Ted Turner was the first to create this.
Super Stations
Local independent TV stations, such as WTBS in Atlanta or WGn in chicao that have uplinked their signals onto a comminication satellite to make themselves available nationwide
Mulitple system operators: large corporations that own numerous cable telecision systems. Comcast and Time Warner are major players
Yellow Journalism
A newspaper style or era that peaked in the 1890's it emphasized high-interest stories, senstional crime news, large headlines, and serious reports that exposed corruption, particularly in business and government
Penny press
refers to newspapers that, because of technological innovations in printing were able to drop their price to one cent beginning in the 1830's thereby making papers affordable to working and emerging middle classes and enabling newspapers to become a genuine mass medium
Public journalism
A type of journalism, driven by citizen forums, that goes beyond telling the news to embrace a broader mission of improving the quality of public life, also called civic journalism
A style of eatly-twentieth-centry investigative jounalsim that referred to reporters who were willing to crawl around in society's much to uncover a story.
a magazine that tries to spread rumors or has factual information from paparatizi and they try to exchange it
Split- run editors of magazines
editors of national magazines that tailor ads to different geographic areas. Time and Newsweek have regional ads in their magazines.