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a specific approach to the story--a point of view of the event.
includes all the planning and coordination of details before the actual production activities.
starts when you open the studio doors and turn on the equipment. Encode, the original program objective into a series of video segments.
you select the best bits and pieces of the recorded event, enhance their picture and sound quality as necessary, correct some of the minor production mistakes, and assemble the shots and scenes into a coherent whole--the video program.
Production People, Idea People, and Talent
Above Line personnel
Technical people, Production--technical, Production--nontechnical
Below the Line Personnel
gives a close-up view of an event relatively far away from the camera.
Telephoto Lens
A signal that fluctuates exactly like the original stimulus.
Pertaining to data in the form of digits (on/off pulses)
The time it takes to scan a complete frame; usually expressed in frames per second (fps).
Frames (fps)
Optical device within the camera that splits the white light into the three additive primary light colors: red, green, and blue.
Beam Splitter
Iris opening of a lens, f-stops
A portable camera with the VTR or other recording device built into it.
Adjustable lens-opening mechanism. Also called Lens Diaphragm.
With the lens set at infinity, the distance from the iris to the plane where the picture is in focus. Normally measured in millimeters or inches.
Focal Length
A lens that permits a relatively great amount of light to pass through at its largest aperture.
Fast Lens
A lens that permits a relatively small amount of light to pass through. Requires higher light levels for optimal pictures.
Slow Lens
The television camera and associated electronic equipment, consisting of the power supply, sync generator, and camera control equipment.
Camera Chain
Highly portable, high-end self-contained camera for electronic field production.
ENG/EFP camera
A small video video monitor or flat-panel screen on a camera that displays the black-and-white or color picture the camera generates.
An imaging device that translates the optical image into a video signal.
Charge-coupled device (CCD)