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'which is not a rotator cuff muscle?
Teres Major
Teres Minor
Teres Major
Action of pec major
Flexes, adducts and rotates medially
muscle that powerfully extends the arms as in swimming?
muscle involved in extention of the arm at the shoulder
teres major
which muscle does not originate on the scapula?
teres major
which muscle inserts on the scapula?
serratus anterior is a prime mover for rotation and abduction of the..
which muscles do not insert on the greater tubercle of the humerus?
pec major
teres minor
which of the following does not elevate the hyoid bone?
which muscle does not move the head?
longissimus capitis
semispinalis capitis
Placing your hand on the most superior aspect of the humerus is a way to palpate the belly of...
Insertion of deltoid
Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
Deltoid attaches to...
scapula, humerus and clavical
This muscle does all but adduct
restriction of this muscle can cause the arms not to swing when walking
Pain in this muscle can be confused with bursitis
deltoid is assisted in abduction by the
A right handed violinist complains of shoulder pain. A likely suspect is...
A client complains of shoulder pain from pulling a wagon. The suspected muscle is...
anterior deltoid
Pain from carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder would be in what muscle?
Levator scapula
Cradling a phone between your shoulder and neck would cause pain in what muscle?
Upper trap
Pain on the superior angle of scapula is in what muscle?
Levator scapula
A Levator scapula action:

A) upward rotate
B) Downward rotate
C) Depress
D) Protract
B) Downward rotate
Muscle hurting from scooping ice cream?
Biceps brachii
Which Muscle crosses 2 joints?

Brachialis, vastus lateralis, bachioradialis, biceps brachii
Biceps brachii
Attachment of short head biceps
Coracoid process of scapula
Pain in anterior shoulder from carrying shingles is what muscle?
Biceps brachii
Long head of biceps brachii lies___to the deltoid
short head of biceps brachii lies___to the tendon of the pec major.
this muscle crosses 2 joints:

A) long head of triceps
B) lateral head of Triceps
C) Medial head of Triceps
D) Anconeus
Long head of Triceps
Most deep triceps head?
Medial head
Client falls backward and caught themselves causing pain at the lateral scapula. The suspect muscle is?
Long head of Tricep
Pain from hammering all day would be in what muscle?
Triceps brachii
Pain when bowing the arm to play violin would be in what muscle?
Triceps brachii
Most superficial muscle of upper back is...
Insertion point for trap: Superior nuchal line of occiput, inferior nuchal line of occiput, acromion process, ligamentum nuchae
Acromion process
Which does the trap not do?
Upward rotate, adduct, protract, depress scapula
Which is correct order, superficial to deep?
A) trap, rhomboids, multifidi
B) Trap, multifidi, rhomboids
C) rhomboids, trap, multifidi
D) multifidi, rhomboids, trap
A) Trap, rhomboids, multifidi
Shares common origin with deltoid
Lifting the weight of someone's legs for a wheel barrow race uses what muscle?
Insertion of temporalis
Coronoid process of mandible
Action of temporalis. opens, closes mouth, pushes jaw forward, protracts jaw.
Closes the mouth (elevates mandible)
Insertion of temporalis is difficult to feel because it is deep in the...
Zygomatic arch
Headaches above the eye would make___the suspected muscle.
Pain on sides of head in the morning that subsides a while after rising would be due to what muscle and why?
Temporalis from grinding teeth at night.
Origin of masseter
Zygomatic arch
Insertion of masseter
Angle of mandible
Action of masseter. Depress, elevate, protracts mandible or opens mouth?
Elevates the mandible
Innervation of masseter
Trigeminal nerve
Pain while opening mouth to bite big sandwich and chewing would be due to pain in what muscles?
Temporalis and masseter. (TMJ)
You find a trigger point in a muscle and hold compression for 15 seconds. You know it released when...
Client reports a lessening of tenderness.
Muscles of rotator cuff.
Supra, infra, teres minor, subscap
Wear n tear muscle of rotator cuff.
muscle of main power for baseball pitcher
Teres minor
Location of subscap
anterior of scapula
lateral rotator of the arm. supra, teres minor, teres major, subscap.
teres minor
medial rotator of arm. supra, teres minor, infra, subscap
Rotator cuff muscle that inserts on lesser tubercle of humerus
External rotator of the arm.
Teres minor
Increase in the size of cell without cell division.
Order of major structures of the brain stem, superior to inferior.
Diancepalon, midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
gland the size of a grape
Closer to the trunk or point of origin
Energetic manipulation technique that involves liver meridian beginning at the great toe, ending at the chest and being associate with the flow of Ki?
Acupressure, shiatsu, acupuncture
Muscle shape of Pec major
Origin of QL
Iliac Crest
Actions of Biceps Femoris
Extend & laterally rotate hip. Flex the knee
Type of contraction that occurs when lowering a book to a table.
What happens in an isotonic contraction?
Length of muscle changes
What refers to the decreasing size of tissue
Area associated with the cephalic vein and nerves of the brachial plexus.
Which has beneficial effects similar to exercise? Active, passive joint movements, friction, effleurage.
Active joint movements
Which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system?
Pre-event sports massage
15 minute chair massage
short, invigorating massage
all of the above
All of the above
Treatment for forward head position.
Lengthen and stretch upper trap and splenius.
Treatment for toeing out.
Stretch plantar flexor muscles
What would trigger points along psoas, QL and hamstrings contibute to?
Low back pain
Where on SOAP chart are referrals documented
A tight and short psoas would decrease the function of
Glute Max
How does therapist test left arm flexors?
Client holds left arm position against therapist's inferior/caudal pressure
Who developed touch for health?
Dr. John Thie
Which system uses effleurage, petrissage, vibration, friction and tapoement?
French and English
All of the above
All of the above
What is in the therapeutic relationship?
scope of practice
client centered actions and words
all of the above
All of the above
What is needed before working on a minor
Parental consent
Massaging a family member involves what issue
Dual Relationship
Which stance is best for deep effleurage?
laterally recumbent
Nuclear division that distributes two sets of chromosomes to two separate nuclei
Suture of occipital and parietal bones
Which muscle fibers are pale, large in diameter with few capillaries
Slow twitch
Which of these muscles originate on the lateral epicondyle of humerus?
flexor carpi radialis
extensor carpi ulnaris
ext. carpi ulnaris
Action of Sartorius
flex, laterally rotate and abduct the hip; flex and medial rotate knee
What stabilizes ulna during flex and supination
Bicipital aponeurosis
what contraction doesn't change the length of the muscle?
Muscles that have a higher % fo fast twitch white fibers
Phasic muscles
Is massage indicated or contraindicated with an open wound?
Local contra
Hepatitis B is ___ times more contagious than ___.
100 X more than HIV
Implications for massage for a client taking analgesics are?
Watch for bruising
Pain perception is inhibited
Massage can help constipation
All of the above
All of the above
What is a component of the axillary endangerment site?
Vagus nerve
cephalic vein
ulnar nerve
Cephalic vein
What is another name for PNF?
Muscle energy techniques
Movement that causes a contraction of the blood vessels to relax as the movement is continued.
light percussion
light stroking
deep stroking
all of the above
Light percussion
Client has a prominent right hip. What is treatment?
Stretch right lateral trunk and left lateral thigh muscles
What occurs when there is no physical restriction to movement other than the pain expressed by client?
Abnormal end feel
Dominant muscles compensating for a weak glute medius.
Tensor fasciae latae and adductors.
Short and strong muscles of kyphotic-lordotic posture
Neck extensors
What happens to feet when standing in heels or walking fast.
Feet tend to become parallel
What happens when the ankle rolls out?
Where on the SOAP chart would the massage treatment given be documented?
What is inflammation of the common extensor tendon?
Lateral Epicondylitis
What did James Cyriax devolop in his work on soft tissue manipulation?
Deep transverse friction
Who is considered the father of physical therapy?
Per Henrick Ling
What early massage system described an ascete as a person who exercises the mind and body?
What is a universal precaution?
Wash hands with bleach
Use disposable paper towels after washing hands
Both A & B are correct
None of the above
Use disposable paper towels
In the asymmetric stance, the angle between the humerus and the side of the body should not exceed how many degrees?
What draping method requires a minimum size of 72 inches long and 36 wide?
Top cover method
What is typically requested by an employer or landlord?
Additional insured endorsement
Which level in the organization of the body structure contains atoms and molecules?
Chemical level
What are lysomes, ribosomes and centrosomes examples of?
Which epithelium is found where absorption or secretion takes place?
Which is a function of the autonomic nervous system under sympathetic control?
Slow heartbeat
Constricted blood vessels
increased peristalsis
increased secretion of digestive juices
Constricted blood vessels
What receives oxygenated blood from the left ventricle?
Which method involve the small intestine meridian beginning at the little finger, ending at the ear and being associated with assimilation?
Which muscle inserts on the proximal, medial shaft of the tibia at the pes anserinus tendon.
Which muscle rotates the verteberal column to the same side?
Vastus medialis
internal oblique
peronius longus
Internal Oblique
Which muscles have a highter percentage of slow twitch red fibers?
Postural muscles
What kind of joint is described by diathrosis?
Freely moveable
What is the study of all the factors involved in causing a disease?
What moves joints with resistance or assistance on the part of the client?
Active joint movement
Which stretching technique is very useful for reducing muscle cramping?
Reciprocal inhibition (RI)
What is a secondary effect of applying cold?
Increased local circulation
Which muscles are weak if a client has shoulder pain, low back pain and a headache when flexing the shoulders?
Levator Scapula
Where on the SOAP chart are the massage treatment applications including techniques, duration and location recorded?
What happens in the forward head position?
Short and strong neck extensors
If a client has kyphotic/lordodic posture, which muscles are strong and may or may not develop shortness?
Low Back
Which are short and strong with the right hip joint adducted and medially rotated, left hip abducted and feet pronated?
Right flexor hallucis longus and right flexor digitorum longus
Step of the consult after the initial greeting and determining the client's needs?
Explain procedures and state policies
What is the frozen phase of frozen shoulder?
Subacute phase
Which early massage system included ayurveda and tschanpua?
What is an example of a type of boundary?
-health history form
-both A & B
-None of the above
Massaging an associate is what type of issue?
Dual relationship
What might a client with hypothyroidism most likely need to be comfortable?
A warm room temp
Vitamin ___ deficiency would interfere with growth and reduce immunity.
Vitamin A
What form is used for the net profit from a business?
Schedule C of form 1040
Cell division in which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half?
Sagittal suture is the articulation of which bones?
Two Parietal
Deficiency of ___ ___ ___ would cause digestive disturbances, enlargement of the liver and disturbance of the thyroid.
Vitamin B complex
Where is the brachial region?
Between elbow and shoulder
Which method involves the gall bladder merididan beginning at the the head, ending at the toe, and being associated with the flow of Ki?
Where does the subclavius insert?
What best describes the shape of rectus femoris?
What is a connective tissue structure that indirectly connects the bony components of a joint?
Joint Capsule
Which are critical for proper muscle contraction?
-Vitamins B & E
-sodium and aloe
-calcium and magnesium
None of the above
Calcium and Manesium
Which muscle originates at the ASIS?
Which muscle extends the vertebral column and head?
What type of lever has the fulcrum in the middle?
First class lever
What happens in an eccentric contraction?
The muscle lengthens
What is the scientific study of all factors involved in causing a disease?
What is contraindicated for massage while in the acute stage?
-Bell's palsy
What are the implications for massage for a client taking vasodilators?
Medication may increase the effect of the massage
What is an effect of massage on the cardiovascular system?
-soft end feel
-increases heart rate and pulse rate
-decreases red blood cell count
-increases stroke volume
Increases Stroke Volume
PNF technique in which muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs are used to relax a hypertonic muscle?
Direct Manupulation (DM)
Which stroke is a rhythmic pressing movement?
-cross fiber friction
Where on SOAP chart do you list prioritized health concerns or goals for the session?
What happens in the forward head position?
-long neck extensors
-weak neck extensors
-long and weak anterior vertebral neck flexors
-all of the above
Long and weak anterior vertebral neck flexors
In kyphotic/lordotic posture, what muscles are most likely elongated and weak?
Upper back erector spinae
Which muscles are short and strong with sway back posture?
What is inflammation of the common extensor tendon?
-medial epicondylitis
-golfers elbow
-trigger finger
-tennis elbow
Tennis elbow
What is a treatment for frozen shoulder?
-ice in acute stage
-deep moist heat in subacute stage
-deep moist heat in chronic stage
-all of the above
All of the above
What is based on about 360 points of energy?
Which traditional Japanese massage tech comes from a Chinese word for calming by rubbing?
Which massage system uses Shiatsu?
What receives deoxygenated blood from the right atrium
right ventricle
which fibers consist of collagen in fin bundles and provide support in walls of blood vessels?
which cranial suture is the articulation of the parietal and temporal bones?
where are the ribs relative to the chest and back?
what is the relationship of the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes to each other?
they are at right angles
method involving the stomach meridian from orbital cavity, ending at second toe and being associated with food intake?
which has the anterior part of iliac crest as one of its insertions?

External obliques
erector spinae
External Obliques
where does the platysma insert?
skin on edge of mandible
which are tarsals
-malleolus, talus, phalanges
-cuboid, cuneiforms, navicular
-acromion process, spine of scapula, clavicle
-lunate, pisiform, hamate
cuboid, cuneiforms, navicular
what is the origin of the short head biceps brachii?
coracoid process
which muscle inserts on the tuberosity of the radius?

-biceps brachii
biceps brachii
which muscle of the forearm would be used to turn a screwdriver clockwise?
which muscle would predominantly have fast twitch fibers?

-erector spinae
-biceps brachii
biceps brachii
what happens in a concentric muscle contraction?
the muscle shortens
which muscle originates on the lumbar vertebrae and inserts on the lesser trochanter?
Psoas major
what is there in the back with an anterior tilt of the pelvis.
which area is associeated with the SCM, mandible and trachea?
anterior triangle
which of the following is a component of the posterior triangle endangerment site?

-brachial artery
-brachicephalic artery
-oblique plane
-vagus nerve
brachiocephalic artery
what is an effect of massage on the cardio system?

-stops release of acetylchlorine and histamine
-decreases white blood cell count
-decreases red blood cell count
-increases platelet count
increases platelet count
what massage movement produces a hyperemia?
What is an abrupt limitation to a a joint movement?
empty end feel
what contributes to aids?
low t-cell count
if a client has flat back posture, what is the most aqppropriate treatment?
lengthen semitendinosus
what is don for knee flexed along with posterior tilting of the pelvis and a flattening of the lumbar spine?
lengthen tibialis anterior
what is an appropriate consideration for self care?

-maximize the assignments
-introduce a vigorous exercise program
-support the client in achieving their goals
-recommend a radical change in diet
support the client in achieving their goals
where on the SOAP chart is the initial gait analysis documented?
which are weak when the scapula is rotated so the axillary border is more horizontal than normal?
serratus anterior and trap
which muscle tends to show acquired postural weakness in left handed individuals?

-right hip abductors
-right flexor hallucis longus
right flexor hallucis longus
where on SOAP chart is the initial gait analysis documented?
what is the dysfunction in which muscles compensate for a weak prime mover to produce the movement?
Synergistic dominance
what is happening when the pelvis maintains its ideal alignment?
the anterior hip flexors pull downward
what is an abnormal positioning of the head and neck relative to the body?
who popularized the movement cure in america, introducing the swedish movements in the mid 19th century?
who developed a connective tissue massage technique called Bindegewebmassage?
What is a condition that prompts dual relationships?
Sexual activity
family members
what vitamin is found in brewers yeast?
vitamin B complex
What is the purpose of an S Corporation?
avoid double taxation.
What are the 4 basic types of tissue in the body?
Epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous
what receives deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle?
Pulmonary arteries
Which method involves the spleen meridian beginning at the great toe, ending in the intercostal space, and bing associated with digestion?

-all of the above
all of the above
whree does splenius cervicis insert?

what best describes the organization of the muscle fibers of the deltoid?
what is a transverse thickening of connective tissue that straps tendons down?
what are accessory movements of the articulating surfaces of bones at joint surfaces
what is anaplasia?
cells tha fail to mature into specialized cells
which is generally contraindicated for massage?

-joint stiffness
what is the first stage of the general adaptation sydrome?
fight or flight, body's initial reaction, alarm
when shoud heat be avoided?
if a client has kyphotic-lordotic posture, what is the most appropriate treatment?
lengthen iliacus and rectus capitis posterior major
overactive muscles for low back pain, buttock pain, and hamstring strains when extending the trunk?
erector spinae and hamstrings
what is done if a client has the foot pulled into forefoot varus with the big toe abducted?
lenthen abductor hallucis
which is more objective?

-client history
-physical assessment
physical assessment
which muscles are about 25-30% stronger than their antagonists?
flexors, internal rotators, and adductors
if a client has a forward head position, what is most likely to be true?
the neck extensors are short
where on the SOAP chart would the therapist visual observations of muscle guarding be documented?
what is treated by stretching the pecs, sublavius, serratus anterior, and the anterior intercostals?
what is the primary technique of neuromuscular therapy?
relationship when an experienced therapist with a PhD performs a massage on a new therapist?
Power differential
what is not a violation of a code of ethics?
what is done by governments rathe than associations/
which stance is known as the horse stance?

-body mechanics
-laterally recumbent
what is in butter, egg yolks and yellow vegetables?

-vitamin A
-vitamin B complex
-vitamin D
Vitamin A