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A movement that increases the angle of a joint is?
The communication of touch is most affected by?
culture and life events
The development of manual lymphatic drainage is credited to?
Emil Vodder
Future trends suggest that the massage profession is changing in which way?
Professional massage is becoming more sophisticated, requiring increased education
The study of anatomy and Physiology
is necessary to be able to understand massage benefits
An agonist is
responsible for primary movements
An indication is?
when an approach would be beneficial
The information collected from the client during history taking and assessment procedures is called?
a database
A care of treatment plan is?
a guide to reach agreed upon goals
SOAP is one type of?
problem-oriented medical record
What is a Professional Touch
A skilled touch delivered to achieve a specific outcome and the recipient in some way reimburses the professional for services rendered
Who is credited with developing Swedish massage?
Per Henrik Ling
Who is known for their work with myofascial trigger points?
Dr. Janet Travell
What is the term used to describe when a condition renders a particular treatment improper or undesirable?
Which of the following is not a major plexus of spinal nerves?
Thoracic plexus