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What are the 5 steps in clearing the M16A2?
1) Place weapon on safe
2) Remove magazine
3) Lock bolt to the rear
4) Check reciever/ chamber for ammo
5) Selector on safe, allow bolt to ride forward
What are some characteristics of the M16A2?
7.78lbs w/o mag & sling
8.48lbs w/20-round mag
8.79lbs w/30-round mag
What is the maximum effective range of the M16A2?
Pt targets: 550meters
Area targets: 800m
What are the 8 fuction steps?
1)Feeding (2)chambering (3)Locking (4)Firing (5)Unlocking (6)Extracting (7)Ejecting (8)Cocking
"SPORTS" is what type of technique?
It is a technique for assisting the soldier in learning the proper procedures for applying immediate action to the M16A1/A2 rifles.
What are the two basic firing positions?
1) Supported firing position
2) Prone unsupported
Name four firing techniques.
1)steady position (2)steady aim (3) breath control (4)trigger squeeze
What are the three principles of night vision?
1)dark adaption (2)off-center vision (3)scanning
What are the three major components of the M16A2?
Upper & Lower reciever, Bolt carrier group
What are the three major categories of malfunction?
1)failure to feed, chamber, or lock (2)failure to fire cartridge (3)Failure to extract and eject
Define suppressive fire.
Combat rifle fire used to suppress enemy personnel or weapons positions.
How is the M16A2 mechanically zeroed?
Align the rear sights' windage mark of the 0-2 aperture with the centerline of the windage scale. Rotate the elevation knob until the range scale, 8/3 scale, is aligned with the mark on the left side of the receiver. Rotate the front sight post, up or down, until the base of the post is flush with the top of the sight post well.
Name three advanced firing positions.
1)alternate prone position (2)kneeling supported (3)kneeling unsupported (4)standing
What are the four phrases of marksmanship training?
1)preliminary rifle instruction (2)downrange feedback range firing (3)field firing on train-fire ranges (4)advanced & collective firing exercises
Name three different ways to direct weapons fire
1)Aim using sights (2)weapon alignment (3)instinct (4)bullet strike (5)use tracers to direct the fire
What is sight alignment?
The front sight post is centered within the center of the rear sight aperture
What is a sight picture?
The sight picture includes two basic elements: sight alignment and proper placement of the aiming point.
What are the two types of disassembly?
Field & detail
What is the definition of cyclic rate of fire?
The rate at which a weapon fires on automatic
What is the definition of sustained rate of fire?
Sustained rate of fire is the actual rate of fire that a weapon can continue to deliver for an indefinite length of time without seriously overheating.
What is the definition of stoppage?
It is the failure of an automatic or semiautomatic firearm to extract or eject a spent case or to load or fire a new round.
What is immediate action?
Immediate action is the unhesitating application of a probable remedy to reduce a stoppage without investigating the cause.
What is a malfunction?
A malfunction is an unplanned cessation of fire due to a stoppage caused by a mechanical failure of the weapon, magazine, or ammunition
Define maximum range
It is the greatest distance that a weapon can fire
What is remedial action?
It is the continuing effort to determine the cause for the stoppage and applying a remedy to clear the stoppage once it has been identified to return the weapon to operation.
What FM is Rifle Marksmanship?
FM 23-9